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Thread: Ability to Slay

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    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I think this would be useful for many situations. I think that the slay command or kill command should be given to admins. Basically, the permissions to kill players with a command. This would be convinient in certain cases, just to list a few, LR during warday, delaying during hunger games, delaying warday, not pursuing rebellers, and et cetera.

    This would be the better alternative to kicking as it would help keep the server population up as rather than being kicked and never joining back, players would learn their reason for slaying and stay on the server a tiny bit longer, effectively longing the time new players remain on our servers. For me personally, if I have been kicked from a server, I usually wouldn't rejoin the server.

    If these permissions would be given to Gs or Os, I think it would help expedite rounds and help keep the server numbers up since many players leave for the simple time it takes for some rounds to end because of delay from CT side and T side.

    If this were to be added to our servers, I think it would help promote overall server activity and fast paced rounds as well as well as helping maintain the Jailbreak community size.

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    I think there was some tech issue with it back in the day. I don't think it was an issue of the plugin being inappropriate for the servers, it's just a tech issue.

    Not quite sure though
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    Why not just move them to spec? Works just as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicFlamingos View Post
    Why not just move them to spec? Works just as well.
    Usually I would swap CTs for delaying while pursuing rebellers or not pursuing last CT, and I think it would be more beneficial to slay them than to swap them to T, also something I experience quite a lot is when CTs are being swapped for something, they tend to break more rules since they are already being swapped, and I think slaying would help fix this issue, rather than CTs turning careless.

    I recall times where they are swapped for playing T games, and after acknowledging it, they still continue, and other times where they will be swapped for a miniscule action, they will just spray stack.
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    As of right now, there isn’t a real need for admins to slay someone. There is a fair amount of risk to it with little reward. If someone is delaying a round/breaking the rules, just admin them as usual.

    Thank you for the suggestion regardless! Keep them coming!

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