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    Cool Clan Training?? Clan Battles..

    I think it would be nice to use the new "Training" room .. as a way we could all be on a team.. (VS Bots).. but it would let us work together and learn.. team Tactics .. it would be like normal clan battles. ( 1 or 2 BBs.. CAs, DDs.) I don't know if carriers will be in next clan battles.. the point is ANYBODY want to do Clan Training??

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    Possibly. We just need dates and times so that we can get everyone on.
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    Whom the *%&* came up with such a s%^&&@ idea! That sounds like someone s$#^^*(^ out of their a%! and calling it art!
    I mean...

    Yeah, sure, that sounds like a good idea.
    All I want to see is a bunch of Space Marines ransacking an Imperial Star Destroyer while Zentraedi and Invid swarm their Gothic war vessel in a rush to destroy the Marines before the Borg arrive.
    That is not too much to ask, is it?

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    Issue is bots dont play like ppl. I mean if you wanted to try tactics... other then that good luck.

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    Killing potatoes, Just like normal CBs.
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    Default Why you Heff to be.. a Team!!

    Who we fight does not matter... is the team work and communication... that we can Train and get better fighting as a clan. that's my point instead of the first few battles .. just doing whatever.. we can have battle groups .. for planning purposes, like squad 1 , and squad 2, maybe one is BB, CA,2 DD.. And that is our (Power Squad) for capping or breaking enemy formations.. Squad 2 (remaining CAs and DDs ) could be more scouting and Flanking..

    Really just learning to work together and Build a Team is the (Training ) I speak of..

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