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    Default TTT suggestions,

    In all the TTT i've played i noticed a few things and maps i'd like to suggestion as some ideas.

    Detective weapon, The golden gun. (weapon that when detective shoots a Traitor, it instant kills the Traitor, shoot a innocent, it kills the detective. and if you miss totally, it does nothing, and is a single shot weapon. might be more usefull and S&W 500 as it wouldn't kill innocents if shot at them

    map suggestions
    TTT_cruise (cruise ship with bedrooms, lobby, lounge and pool. nice map size for server play.
    TTT_Vessel: very simular to ROY ship, but don't have to duck to go down the stairs into the ship, and replaces the second boat, with helicopter and has bigger underneath to the ship.
    ttt_terrortrainb2 (great map, everything happens on the train, if you jump off, you die. Discos can be deadly on this map.)
    ttt_concentration_b2 (concentration camp map, with barracks, t trap showers, and office and guard towers.)
    and ttt_magma_v2b

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    Hey chief, thanks fopr the suggestions. I've got some updates for TTT planned, but I'll address each of your suggstions.

    Golden Deagle: we had this in the past and everyone hated it becuase it was basically boight right at the start of every round and immediately used either resulting in no detective or a T dead right away with no chance to defend himself.

    TTT_cruise - I'll check it out
    TTT_Vessel: This is too big, but I feel like you're onto me and my secret plan for a 24/7 boat maps server
    ttt_terrortrainb2 - I'm already planning on adding this one
    ttt_concentration_b2 - As much as I like this map it has swastikas all over and I feel like it might not be very eGO appropriate.
    ttt_fastfood_a6 - We discussed this in the past and thought it was too small but I'll take another look
    and ttt_magma_v2b - I'll look at this one too

    Steam: HERE
    Discord: Affirno#0001

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    Irrelevant now. Yeeted to Completed.

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