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    Exclamation GMod TTT Map Suggestions & Concerns

    A couple days ago on January 15th, an update was pushed to the Garryís Mod TTT server which included a whole new selection of maps to choose from. While it was very much appreciated, many regulars of the server felt like their opinions were not taken into account at all and the update was focused more on quantity over quality. Some of the maps which were added were not ready to be added, such as one which had a T trap that could crash the server (the map in question has thankfully been removed). Others just do not fit the play style many follow or are too big, among a bunch of other things. In this post, I have put together what maps people seem to have problems with, along with a list of other maps that can replace them, and why some of the edits made to maps we already had added no good to the server.

    To start off, I would like to go through the maps which most people have expressed their dislike towards. I would like it to be known that I tried to look at this from different perspectives; through the eyes of a regular, random etc. and have also acknowledged the fact that some of these issues are planned to be fixed in one way or another (such as the lack of weapons on many of these maps), but the amount of issues canít be fixed with a simple tweaking of weapons. All of these opinions are the combined opinions from a group of regulars on the server based on their own experiences.

    This map is probably the one people dislike the most, as player count decreases most during this map and complaining happens more often than usual. Most, if not all of the regulars and other players do not like the look of this map at all, as itís meant to be ďcoolĒ but fails to do so as it just feels like a mess. There arenít many weapons on this map, which is a problem with many of these and although the weapon spawn was supposed to be adjusted for some, it doesnít fix the other problems with the map. In our experience, people frequently spawn inside of each other on this map. The map has a confusing layout which doesnít help its case, along with being a large size map. Although unique, it isnít something most people seem to want and it doesnít fit well on the server.

    This map is also mess, thanks to a really bad bug and the sheer size of it. A bug which may or may not have been taken care of is one where you spawn from wherever you are spectating (poor examples here and here). This bug is very concerning and Iím not sure if this is something that went unnoticed before or if the maps were not tested, but either way it is a very bad bug. The map is also very large and doesnít work for the smaller amount of players which are usually on the server. The map would work better with a larger server population, but that isnít something that comes through all the time. The layout of the map is also a bit confusing and isnít the best to walk around as most people just end up jumping from place to place rather than figuring how to get from one place to another.

    This is not a ďrealĒ TTT map, as there are no T traps. It is literally just a port of Mirage from CS:GO, which isnít unique or special at all in terms of server maps. For this reason alone, this map doesnít really belong on here. Along with this, there is a very small amount of weapons on this map.

    This map is WAY too big for the average amount of players (which is 4 when looking at GameTracker, although the server peaks around 12 when weíre busy), and once you factor in the Fallout easter egg (which is broken and too easy to get to), it makes it even worse and easier for long, unnecessary rounds full of delaying and wild goose chases. One little annoying thing that bothers some is the fact that there is no way to stop the sound once and for all as the sounds continue to happen no matter what, but that isnít the biggest problem of the map. Many areas are kind of just there and nothing blends together very well, with a lot of unnecessary space being used to tuck things (buildings) behind more things. The ways to get to these buildings also just promote ďgoomba stomping,Ē as the ladders go straight up in the towers and many people could be RDMed during the rounds. Like some of the other maps, it just makes for a big jumbled mess which doesnít look good and in this case as well, isnít very unique and something much better could take its place.

    This map is another one of those which is way too big for the amount of players we have. There are multiple spots where people can easily delay the round, and getting to them is confusing even with a radar (such as the forest-y bit and inside the two different ships which are just underground on the map). The lack of weapons does not make it any better. It is fairly difficult to get around on this map, and also very easy to be RDMed if someone, for example, pushes you off of a cliff. This map is only really good for sniping, which isnít something most people do.

    This map is very bland and boring, there is nothing interesting about it and there is honestly very little to do in it. Buildings which you canít go in to are lazily copy pasted from other spots on the map and the buildings that you can enter have little to nothing in them in terms of space and weapons. The map size could be reduced if things werenít unnecessarily spread apart and scattered on the map, which just makes for a more difficult time navigating the map and getting the round to end with delayers.


    The next list of maps are maps that players can vouch for as being very good maps which should be on the server based on different things discussed in each blurb. Most, if not all of these, are backed by experience. For more information, check out the workshop link attached with each map or just ask.

    ttt_goldenplixprison: (previously on pG!):
    This map is the perfect size for the server and the average amount of players, as it really works no matter how many people you have on. The map has plenty of places for people to round up, has a T tester, two ďsecretĒ endings (one which counts as a traitor victory and one as an inno victory) and has enough traps for both sides to stop the other from terrorizing one another. It also has a health station and cameras, something which is uncommon in most other maps. This map is very much its own unique thing, using custom textures which makes the map looks great. Itís also easy to navigate and see players when needed. The layout of the map caters to people of different play styles as well. This is probably one of the best TTT maps I (and others) have ever played.

    Bank is one of the best looking TTT maps I have seen. Everything about this map is great, like the map which is a great size for the average player count, and one that will work with more or less people on. The layout is very straightforward, and areas vary in shape and size which allows for different things to happen rather than restricting a player to only doing one thing. There is so much that is good about this map that canít really be explained until you experience it yourself.

    ttt_casino_b2 (previously on pG!):
    Casino is great map that is from the Goldeneye series and works very well as a TTT map. It is a unique map, with a secret lightsaber to find, a game in one of the rooms the players can play together until there is only one standing, and areas which appeal to all players based on their preferences. Although it may look big on the outside, everything on the inside is actually quite close together and doesnít make you feel as if youíre lost or walking around forever, while also allowing the map to work well for any number of players. This map is full of surprises, most of which are thanks to the players, but it is a really great map that Iím sure many will love.

    ttt_hendrix: (previously on pG!):
    There are lots of places to go to discreetly kill people despite the mapís moderate size. There is a T win which requires multiple traitors to work on it so it wouldnít be abused if there was only one for example. The map is the perfect size for the average player size, as there are different floors in the facility along with the guard towers. The courtyards, buildings, and guard towers are good spots as they work for different player styles. Something that may need to be adjusted is the weapon spawns.

    ttt_plaza (previously on pG!):
    Plaza is great because of everything in the map and how it can be used to your advantage. Darkness in some buildings allow innocents to retreat away from traitors, or allow traitors to discreetly kill others. There are so many things on this map that will keep the game fun, such as the melon machine and playground for example. The mapís different areas are very good as they vary in size and allow traitors and innocents to take anything around them and use it to their advantage in order to win.

    Although the map may look very large, there are three distinct areas and specific ways to get to each, which makes tracking players easier than expected despite what could be an overwhelming size. The map is set at night, which appeals to those who try to lurk around in the shadows, which includes both traitors and innocents. There are well lit areas for those who want to stay away from the spooky scary murder that will inevitably happen in the shadows, and for those who decide to be open about their role. Something that may need to be adjusted is the weapon spawns.

    ttt_lttp_kakariko (previously on pG!):
    This mapís art style is very pretty and unique, so we wouldnít be adding something bland. The map also changes its look randomly at the start of each round. Although the buildings on this one arenít enterable, it doesnít trick you into thinking you can go somewhere you canít. There is an abundance of weapons and ammo on this map, located virtually everywhere in pots around the map. With a mix of open and secluded areas on different levels of the map, this map can work for people who like to snipe sneakily or go guns blazing into a fight. The map is very easy to get around and you are able to see things from many angles which helps to reduce chasing someone down who may be delaying.

    The relatively small size of this map comes in handy when looking at our player count and for players who like to dump bodies or stealthily kill others, as the small corridors allow things to happen in secret. The layout of the map is not confusing at all, and getting around the map is very easy. An elevator brings players down to a lower level which is great to set traps up in and also is very well designed. This is a map which works with any amount of players like the rest of the maps, and it is one many enjoy.

    Although it may not be a true TTT map, I have seen this map used on servers before and works it actually works very well. The map is something new and isnít a port of something else, and the layout is great as the aisles help protect people from being seen if they are trying to be sneaky, while also allowing different types of gunplay. The areas which branch off of the main floor are also good spots for players of all different styles, as well as the small area surrounding the store. Traitors can discreetly plant a C4, let out manhacks, and snipe people, while innocentís can do everything to stop them pretty easily. The map is very easy to move around and isnít confusing at all.

    This map is similar to one on the server (ttt_rooftops_2016_v1) and works just as well as that map, so it wouldnít hurt to have this one. The map has plenty of places to explore, and it isnít confusing as you can see almost everywhere you can and need to go and plot a way to get there easily. Snipers may seem like they have the advantage here, but people who like to knife others or release manhacks have plenty of places to do so without being shot on sight. It is easy to kill someone who is delaying because of the levels of the map which can give you a view of those above and below you, so that wouldnít be a big issue. Overall, this map can adjust to how a player wants it to, which would make it a great addition to the server.

    Stadium may seem large but the map has distinct areas, some which are very open and allow for traitors to get many people at once. People can also be picked off little by little in the hallways or rooms which branch off of these hallways. These places all connect back to one another for the most part which is very useful for accessibility reasons. For this reason, the map also works when you donít have many people on because your chances of running into someone who is also looking for someone is higher than you may expect.

    Hairyhouse is a nice small to medium size map which has different areas, all which are good for close quarters combat, along with sniping. This map could be compared to Clue, as there are many places and opportunities to do something big in the smaller space, like planting a C4 or throwing a holy hand grenade whether it be inside or outside. The size of this map makes this a great candidate as it works extremely well for the average number of players on the server, while still having plenty of places to go to in order to get away from the action.

    This map is another which is very good based on the average amount of players. It is a smaller sized map which is another one that is great for CQC, but also great for taking many players out at once thanks to different open spaces. The house allows players to escape from the stuff happening outside, but they risk dying from a C4, or being knifed since they are hidden away from others. The layout is beneficial to all and isnít confusing at all, and players are able to do what they need to with the choice of wanting to be seen or not.

    ttt_highnoon_a6 (previously on pG!):
    The look of this map is quite different from most things I have seen , and it all looks pretty nice. The map has enterable buildings, perfect for being stealthy or watching things from the sidelines, along with sniping. There are multiple spots on the map which give you a great view of things in case you need to know where people are. The underground tunnels are a nice addition to the map and a traitor room is tucked down there. T traps do exist on this map, and they are useful. The mix of areas makes this a very well rounded map perfect for different amounts of players.


    This next and last section of maps are maps that could be specifically be switched out for other maps. When the update was pushed, we noticed some maps that were on the server previously stayed the same, while others were edited or removed. In the next two posts, I talk about the edits and how they didnít bring much to the table but in fact made things less enjoyable, and we request the old versions back in place of the newer one. A request for a map that was removed to come back is also down here. There is also one map which is currently in the map pool which could be replaced by a map of a similar style which is mentioned here as well.

    ttt_67thway_v5_2014 (new) -------> ttt_67thway_v14 (old):
    The removal of the barn and home gets rid of a lot of ammo and weapons which spawn in the tunnel on the way to these locations, and in these locations themselves. There is an excessive amount of ways to teleport to the underground area which is not needed since there is not an area branching off from the map anymore, and the water you teleport in situation requires a player to crouch jump out of there, which is not good if someone is spraying down in a fight. This water situation also creates an easy way for players to get stuck inside of each other. From a traitorís perspective, the construction zone being lit up more gives them one less places to escape to or to jump out from the shadows and kill someone discreetly. This also applies to innocents who like to lurk rather than be killed abruptly. Traitors also canít discreetly shoot the tester, or kill people in the tester as the size of the t room has been reduced significantly and no longer wraps around, and the tester is moved away from the vent. There is also no detective room. The massive hole in the cell gets rid of the purpose of the cell. All of these things are fixed on the older version of the map.

    ttt_traitormotel_reloaded_b1 (new) -------> ttt_innocentmotel_b6 (old):
    The size of the map has decreased quite significantly, with the removal of the basement and the size of the rooms decreasing. Accessibility to other areas has been made harder thanks to the removal of a hallway which also contained a traitor trap, forcing players to either go through a bunch of doors or walk all the way around the map to get to a spot which is much easier to get to on the other version of this map. A couple of pretty useless vents (one which leads to your death) were added to the map as well. Things look a lot worse, especially the rooms, and the traitor tester which was very unique as it required two people and and allowed traitors to pass off as inno if testing with another traitor is now removed for a very basic and uninteresting tester. There is also a lack of traitor traps on this map, but still something like an elevator you canít use constantly buzzing which you canít stop with stopsound. All of these problems (minus the stopsound issue) are fixed by reverting to the other map.

    Biocube is a classic TTT map that was also removed with the update with nothing to really replace it. It is one of the perfect maps in terms of size, accessibility, and ability to do what you want. Sniper towers allow people who like that kind of gameplay to do so, and multiple open areas are great for a big fight to go down. This map is definitely a fan favorite and there isnít really anything like it, so bringing it back would be beneficial.

    This last piece of text is a map that I thought could replace another map due to their similar art style, making it easier to be swapped out for one another without really losing much.

    ttt_mc_snow_v2 -------> ttt_minecraft_cargoship_v2:
    The map currently on the server is simply too small to do anything. It caters more toward a sniper and less toward anyone else. There isnít really much to do and explore, you really just have to hope for the best if you want to kill someone anywhere that isnít the guard tower using a silenced gun.

    Why it should be replaced with ttt_minecraft_cargoship_v2:
    This map is a much better size than mc_snow_v2 (isnít too big or small) and it is easy to navigate and find people on the map with multiple modes of travel (boat and helicopter) that give you different views of the action. The map also doesnít require CS:S textures, which is useful for some who donít have them. There is a lot more space which can be used to sneakily kill someone without the need of a sniper.


    Thank you for taking the time to read my post, many other people and I appreciate it and we hope that these changes are thoughtfully taken into consideration and implemented on the server.

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    Thank you for your suggestions and concerns. Copying this thread to Gmod Leadership for future discussion.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, atm I can comment on some of these:

    ttt_ns_streets: This bug did not present itself when i checked it out and it doesn't seem to be getting played so it will likely be removed.

    ttt_starfish_island_v1_2: This has since been removed.

    ttt_casino_b2: This was added a few days ago.

    TTT_whitehouse_b2: This version (or a version, was suggested back when the pg merger happened and after a few days it never got voted again. The old version that it replaced was also re-added a few days ago with casino.

    ttt_plaza: We had this map for years and it only ever got voted for once or twice a month as a joke. IT too was suggested during the merger and even though it was added, it never got played.

    ttt_parkhouse: we had this for a while and a lot of players thought it was too big.

    ttt_metropolis: I recall we looked at this in the past and there was something about it that we couldnt add it or decided not too, but we can take another look.

    ttt_traitormotel_reloaded_b1: this was removed due to bugs that did not appear when testing.

    ttt_biocube: This can probably be readded.

    Steam: HERE
    Discord: Affirno#0001

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    Irrelevant now. Yeeted to Completed.

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