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    I honestly haven't seen a big impact this rule has made on the server as some of you are making it out to be. Whenever I hop on I am still seeing CT's getting dominated by the T's regardless of the rule change.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bolton View Post
    Take the part that directly allows it out. Clearly stating it means it'll happen more often because someone will read it and tell others. Saying you can't is going to be impossible to admin.
    I agree on this. Like mentioned, CT's are still going to stare at obvious vent/secret hot-spots from a distance and admining this was difficult. Forcing the CT's to look away from somewhere they know T's are going to rush was redundant. T's are still dominating the rounds.

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    +1 ruins Dojo, Obama, Minecraft, VIP, Peanut, and any map which has open armory but u have to slowdown to enter it either being jumping, crouching, or strafing

    The old rule was fine but needed clarification where you cannot stare down the vent itself but the area around / leading to vents should be fair game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    The old rule was fine but needed clarification where you cannot stare down the vent itself but the area around / leading to vents should be fair game
    I agree with this. A CT shouldn't be sitting inside vents watching the Ts, or watching the Ts through a vent. However, trying to tell CTs not to watch a vent opening/exit is like telling them not to watch a door. As long as they are still watching the Ts and exerting presence, there shouldn't be a problem with them paying close attention to possible routes of rebellion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApexLock View Post
    With the flurry of new rule changes to our Jailbreak servers and our TTT servers, a much needed set of rules and specific changes were added that greatly benefited our servers, but with it, came a few rules that I believe the majority of regular players seem to dislike as well.

    One of these rules, the defining of camping vents, has drastically changed the way many maps are played as well as changing one of the core elements of jailbreak, rebelling.

    With the new rules, camping vents is defined as:

    This allows CTs to stare down any vent, any secret, and basically restrict any part of rebelling, making the concept of rebelling virtually impossible. Previously, you could sometimes slip by CTs who were hyper aware, but now, you can barely make it close to vents, often killed by a CT sitting a few feet in front of the cell staring down the cell, or a row of AWPers who are double scoped into the tiny hole which is vents.

    The new definition of camping vents/secrets makes the "rebelling experience" a bland cycle of death, nullifying the purpose of many secrets and vents, now just acting as props.

    A general consensus, most people I asked disliked this change, many Ts saying how the rebelling aspect is dropping off a bit (mostly because they are tired of repeatedly dying), while some CTs saying they dislike it because it is just purely "toxic."

    Thanks for taking your time to read this, leave what you think of this below (Is the current definition fine? or should it be changed how it was before/a new revised draft?)!
    This is a terrible rule change imo. Before CTS would camp vents yes, but needed more skill to hit a flick shot over. This just makes it terrible to be a t with already cancerous cts just staring at any possible exit with no repercussions. Even when CT i think this rule is a bad idea, as on dojo i look around and see only cts staring at vents. It makes it even less fun for ts imo
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    Being able to stare at vents defeats the purpose of it being a way of escape and a "Secret" #NOSTARINGATVENTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firesean View Post
    Being able to stare at vents defeats the purpose of it being a way of escape and a "Secret" #NOSTARINGATVENTS
    Then its not a secret anyways is it?

    Also find another way to escape, if a map only has 1 vent that lets you escape then thats on the map not the rules.

    Not hard to rebel with a group of people... just sayin'...

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    I’m split on this rule. Being a player who plays both CT and T, I can see where both sides are coming from. Also, to speak on the comment of having a coordinated rebelling room, there was an issue about 5 weeks ago where massive server disruption and ghosting was occurring because of a rebelling discord and it took admins forever to stop it
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    @Tethys, I've heard of the rebelling discord. I got invited and instantly bannes so I'm not sure what happened. Could someone tell me what did happen, all I know is that there was a bunch of ghosting.

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    The way it is now is the way it will stay. Michael Bolton had a great point to this, people are going to find a way to do this one way or another. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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