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    Default What do you think about Fortnite?

    Hello, I wanted to ask all of you what you think about Fortnite?

    In my opinion, It's amazing, there's endless fun, and they always add updates atleast every week or so. Which is amazing to have a game that's consistently having something new. I also love the fact how many people are involved in this game. Each round can take up to atleast 30min, it helps get stuff off your mind, it's very competitive, and most of all, very fun to play with friends or just solo.

    Let me know below what you think about Fortnite!
    I hope you all have a fantastic day!!
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    Fortnite was really fun a few months ago. It's still fun, but imo, they're doing too much now. A battle royale should be simple and I think since the viking update, it's just become too much. They're trying to branch off into mythology and changing too many parts of the game. Although they may cool, all the things with the cube and the island just overcomplicating the game and changing the dynamic, forcing players to constantly adapt. Some new features are decent, but I think they should just slowly revert the game back to what it was, a simple, cartoonish battle royale game.

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    Dead game, dried up content, and a straight money grab. It was good in s1/2 but it’s completely trash now.

    - Valhalla
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    Epic Games is trying to hard to get new players to play fortnite, and now the game the game hit it's peak already, it's doing more harm then good.
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    I like to think of my game as realistic, somewhat. Fortnite is just too far away from that.
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    The game is already at it is peak and it is much fun and now in this halloween update it just not a battle royal game anymore it is just about selling their Rare OG skins and get money off of it. From S1-S4 it was freaking awesome and now meeeeeh.
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    Fortnite is a very fun game ,but imo I think that epic games need to make it pay off if you are better. What I'm saying is that it's really annoying when you have high ground/better aim and the other play can either grapple up to you or can wait for a shotgun fight and his shotgun hits for 175 and mine hits for 7. I just think that they need consider making the game more skilled base.

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    I'm like seriously tired of anything Fortnite. I played it NON-STOP when BR was released and now I can't even stand hearing the name. Game needs to die but the devs know what they're doing.

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    I personally love the game. Fortnite is very unique. The fact that you can farm materials and build is very cool to me. Every game is fast past and doesn’t take as long as other BR games do. I love how Epic releases updates for the game weekly. The fact that this game has been out for over a year now and has over a hundred million player base and is still growing amazed me. It’s funny that people say it’s a dead game...

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