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    Question A Memes subcategory on the forums

    I feel like a memes category for shitposting and memes should be put on the site so us inner memelords can embrace our true potential. Plus it allows the community to connect together.

    Of course the memes would have to abide by eGO rules

    If you disagree comment why and I'll respond

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    How about no because no.
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    There can only be 1 meme lord and she is a lady. She was told no as well. Rip #NSFW discord.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer View Post
    Rip #NSFW discord.

    Tis were good times.
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    I joined eGO because it was a mature and more professional community. "Shitposting" is sort of exactly what I joined eGO to avoid seeing. It sort of goes against what our core is about. I think there's lots of other places to do that - eGO I come to for fun, friends, and games.

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    im in

    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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    I feel like if you really want to shitpost, or more appropriately post a low-effort funny thread, you should post it in the General Chatter Subforum. That's kinda the Off-Topic forum of eGO, just make sure to not spam it.

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    Or we could have threads with actual discussions?
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    Just thinking about it, creating a separate area on our forums, for shitposts...for shitposts...

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    Yeah I'm gonna put this in completed. It's never happening, that I can guarantee you. Sorry, but you will need to find somewhere else for that kind of activity. The word "shitpost" alone gives it a no. That's the opposite of what we expect from eGO members.
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