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    Question Looking for opinions!

    Hey all!

    Looking for feedback on a few things my friend made! I know 'I didn't make this' is the appropriate title, but it was a collaboration.

    Looking for all critical feedback!

    CSGO style [NEW]:

    Minecraft Style [New but old post]
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    They look professional. They don't make me go out of my day and say "Oh wow, that's really good", but at the same time, it doesn't make me think twice about them. And, sometimes the best products, are the ones you don't think about.

    However, I think the background could use a bit more work. The just faded out main photo, takes away from the main photo. Try something that makes the main one "pop" maybe?

    Ya, so, overall, looks quite ready for display on whatever.
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    Background is just a filler, normally it’s a transparent background as a PNG

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