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    My friends and I ran a Rust server in legacy.... so I have some experience. Is there still the possibility of starting the server back up?

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    Perhaps when the next patch comes out that fixes the load times and better optimizations, someone would be willing to put forth another go at a Rust server.

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    Ya know, with all the new stuff that's been rolled out, I'm kinda interested to see what things are like. I'd be up for setting one up again. I'd have to see if there is a server available.

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    Never really got into eGO rust, but may consider it depending on the populations.
    I'm Voids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evade View Post
    Never really got into eGO rust, but may consider it depending on the populations.
    It's population zero because it was shut down

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    i remember when i got into rust and there were a few people always on it, ah the fun and dumb things me and @WaSe
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    “Grandpa! Where is your pants!”
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    As I mentioned a few posts above I'd be happy to setup and run a rust server again if there is interest. There is so much new stuff it could be fun. I don't have the power to carve out server resources for a server, but if one could be carved out I could set it up.

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