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    Default How many of you still play on the server?

    Curious who all plays? Didn't even know we had a rust server but I've spend the past 5 hours maybe on it. Seems really nice. Hit me up on here or discord if anyone wants to play sometime. I play almost all nights anywhere from 10pm to 8am CST but I'd be willing to try and play during the day with you guys if need be.

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    The server has been fairly quiet the last few months. But there is generally a small population of die hards who keep playing.

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    We keep it active. Plus us Die Hards keep the Major Raiders in check.

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    How is the server? A lot of PVP going on or not at all? I mainly play on a modded survival server that only allows PVP in a certain area.

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    ark Extinction happened, so I have been lost in dinosaur-land this month.

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    I stopped playing because the server was gone one day. May come back one day.

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    Rust server got Thanos snapped.
    Date Obtained:

    =(e)= 8/12/18

    =(eG)= ?

    =(eGO)= ?

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    I got sick earlier last month and wasn't able to play and than life happened and couldn't play. What a month November was. Hope to start playing after wipe.

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    The server has been shut down. The main issue is that I was working to keep it running. However I haven't been playing. As such I was not getting notifications or noticed myself since I wasn't playing whenever the server would go down or need a patch. This had the effect of killing population.

    If anyone has the technical knowledge and interest you can reach out to @GardenGroveVW
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    It was great fun. Golden and you did a great job. I really hope someone is able to get it up and running again.

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