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    Default The Skull Trooper has returned!

    The Skull Trooper has finally made it back into the item shop, along with a female version called Skull Ranger, a Skull Sickle pickaxe, and a Crypt Cruiser glider. If you buy on of the skins, you will get a green glow style as well. When you purchase the Skull Trooper, you will also get a set of challenges. After completing all of the challenges you will get the Ghost Portal Back Bling with the green glow style. Not everyone is thrilled about the return of the Skull Trooper. It was a pretty rare skin up until now, but there is a new purple glow style that has been added exclusively for players who owned it before today. The Ghost Portal will also come with the exclusive purple glow once you complete all of the challenges.

    Here are the challenges you need to complete in order to get the Ghost Portal Back Bling.

    • Complete 7 daily challenges

    • Play 50 Matches

    • Play 14 matches with at least 1 elimination

    • Search 10 chests in a single match

    • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents in a single match
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    Congrats, they destroyed the most rare skin.
    Guess black knight is the rarest now /shrug
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    Epic just dabbed on all the “OG’s”. We all know they released it because BO4 is coming out and they need cash before the playerbase takes a dip for a while, but still copped it nevertheless.
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    =(e)= 5/14/2018
    =(eG)= 7/6/2018
    =(eGO)= 10/13/2018

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