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    Default Overwatch Adding Sombra Demon Hunter Skin!

    BlizzCon 2018 is still a few weeks away, and just as it was in previous events, Overwatch fans who will be attending the conference in person or those who will opt to tune in via live stream events will be rewarded with in-game goodies. For this year, a Legendary Skin for the character Sombra will be given to those participating in the upcoming event.

    Here is how you can score the Demon Hunter Skin for Sombra!

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    Bought my ticket, but I'm a bit irked they didn't decide to make a kickass version of Reinhardt's Overwatch medallian and instead made it a keychain. Still looks cool, but I'd have loved one that you could hold in your palm and contemplate over like in the Honor & Glory short.

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    But you have to wait for almost an year to get this skin, for now you have to buy an E-Ticket

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    What? The skin is in game right now. I've got it selected as my default Sombra skin.

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