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    I'm back with Prison_M. Since the map was last on the server it has received the following changes (some direct from leadership, others from members, Yokai, RDK etc).

    Full central corridor with CT area running through the entire map.
    More area for ts to escape, with opporunities for CTs to regain control.
    A full medical room rather than a platform.
    More details, better aesthetics, streamlined gameplay.
    Better defences and lighting/bug removal.
    CT controlled explosion desk

    Here are all the features:
    Playground climb
    Ladder Climb (Original game)
    Gun room
    Prisoner's Dilemma (Original game)
    Cell block with interactive cell cooperation (Original game)
    Maze game (Original game)
    CT teleport tower
    CT controlled explosion desk
    Death run (Original Version)
    Jump rope
    1v1 Race (Original game
    Over 15 secrets/hidden guns!

    Hopefully this can get back onto the server.


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    Ooooo old jail map.

    I wish you luck because it's most likely going to be a better map than current ones. (My opinion as a 18 player server player).

    I don't know how it will shake out with a 52 player server though.

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    Got any screenshots?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Sniper View Post
    Rules like those are for bronze players...
    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA
    but then MC gets stabbed
    and she's in the hospital on her phone searching "how win a guy over in the hospital"

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    Would love to see this map on the jail server

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    look cool and the server could use a few more maps
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    Bring back prison M = bring back the good ol' days
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    Play jail or post bail.

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    Excellent Map! Just reviewed.
    All the games on the maps are very original and exicting.
    I went through all the possible errors that might can happen and talked with the creator. The Map looks suitable for all the special days, Rebelnation, Fun games (including games for 50% and recallable games)
    Got cool locations for Custom games and cancer Jumps.

    I think this maps deserves a slot in vote map pool.
    @MatzWhat Just add on the stuff I asked u too and the map would be set in Perfectly. Good job on the map.
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