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    When do clan battles start up again?

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    I am better as a BB .. but ok as a Heavy CA..

    I have GK, and YA-MA-TO!!

    but working on getting Hindenburg.. so I can be more Versatile.. though not by much..LOL!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulligey View Post
    When do clan battles start up again?
    Aren't they already ongoing? WG made it confusing by telling you to select prime time you want to participate in. Unless I'm totally wrong.
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    we should do this... see if we can agree on a day.. and pick a prime time.. one of u Tech guys will heff to tell us how? or what to do.

    M4? TnT? mull? looking at

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    Well, right now it's t6 as a trial for cross server clan battles, but I think we're going for t10 when that starts up. They delayed it again though, so another week to get a team together. But i'm down for battles, no idea what i'll play, but i'm ready if we want to get a time down.

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    If they keep it at t6 then I could put my Monty captain onto a New Mexico. I can pretend it's the same ship.
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    Default Yeah....

    Sorry for repost but update of ships I can offer


    Working on wooster
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