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    Default Opinions on ttt_closequarters_pg_v4?

    Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone that is taking the time to review this thread (as Iíll do my best to make this short). With that being said, there is a matter that I feel should be addressed as it affects us everyday TTT administrators. Iím requesting my fellow administrators to voice their opinions about possibly having ttt_closequarters_pg_v4 removed (also known as RDMquarters) from our cycle of maps. Do you agree? Disagree? Both? Why? Is this even possible? Leave your comments below. Everyone whom has played or plays this map on a regular basis knows that it condones players to violate our server rules and potentially get away with them. Unless you are spending 100% of the time in spectate and reviewing third party tools, it is virtually impossible to execute violations accordingly (especially by yourself).

    As administrators we have a motto; that is to play first, and admin second. However, how exactly is that supposed to be done under these circumstances? An alternative to this matter that has been brought up would be to give eGO members the ability to change the map itself. However, this isnít a solution at all for multiple reasons. First off, it is against server rules to influence the vote. Additionally, there is a chance that this tool or feature could be abused (just a band-aid over the situation). I feel as though the only reprieve to this would be to remove this map indefinitely. What do you think?
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    I can say with a lot of certainty that I don’t see leadership adding the ability for O level admins to change maps. It’s just asking for abuse and crashing all day.

    I’ll leave the discussion on removing the map up to people who play it and know it’s issues.
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    I agree completely on not implementing the tool for O level admins as stated. After speaking with a few members of Leadership, I was instructed to conduct a thread so that we could have an opinionated debate on the matter. Thanks for clarifying this Simon!
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    Alrighty! First off, I would like to say that this is a great discussion, because it is something that has been talked about amongst us admins, as being a troublesome map. So Thank you @SheToldMeSheWas18 for getting the ball rolling on all this.

    Now, as far as the nickname "RDMQuarters" stands, it really can't be more true. This map is the leader for me as having one of the most, if not the most RDM reports being submitted to admin chat. As SheToldMeSheWas18 mentioned above, unless you are in spectator mode, a good majority of the maps duration, it is very difficult to admin. As it becomes a "He said, She said" Situation almost every time. Because of the maps layout, with T room, and its adjoining rooms, it allows people to RDM with JUST enough cause that we can't do much as admins, unless we watched it happen ourselves. This is where the "He said, she said" comes into effect.

    Now as far as it being removed from the map cycle, I would like to hear some others join in, and see what they say aswell. As it isn't exactly impossible to admin, just difficult at times. It does add enough "loopholes" if you will to the situation, that it does sometimes lead to people getting away with things. Usually though, after the first report comes in, even if it's a "He said, She said" situation, we can give warnings as far as being more careful on at least one aspect of the given situation. If the person persists with the same problem, we can usually see that it is just lies at that point. Which, results in their removal from the server.

    Now as far as it's removal from the map cycle, I would say I wouldn't miss it, if it was removed. But I can't necessarily say "It HAS to be removed NOW"

    I look forward to see what others have to say.
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    Great points illustrated @Raddish, I completely agree with you on all points of your response. The layout of this map drives players to condone all forms of RDM. Additionally, one of the primary issues with the map is that players tend to congregate outside the T room, which for those that know is an extremely narrow hallway. Also, with a full server and limited moderators, this map will force our motto to be set aside as it is difficult to handle or evaluate reports without witnessing them first hand.
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    Hia there! With all of that being said, I think you've nailed every single issues on the topic you've addressed. On the map ttt_closequarters_pg_v4, there are constant rules being broken. With the main issue being nonstop RDM, there's hardly little playing when compared to how much admining there is being done. As already being stated, unless you're spectating nonstop, it's quite difficult to stay up to date with the rule breakers and continously enforce the rules. This becomes an issue concerning the "T Room" as well. Then, as far as other people giving their own opinions on who broke the rules or not, it rises conflicts. The map has gotten nicknamed, "RDMQuarters" for a reason. The map raises multiple concerns and issues on a very broad topic of how well off admins are admining; especially alone.

    As far as that is said, I am for removing the map. Anyone who plays on ttt_closequarters_pg_v4 can easily confirm that there are issues with the rules being broken constantly. I'd like to hear others voices on this though and see it from others persepctives.

    Thank you for bringing up this topic and showing some awareness, it's very much appreciated.
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    Agreed that this map should be removed from the server ASAP. This map is the one map on the server that every time I see it I just want to leave and not come back to server until the map is over. This map causes so much confusion and RDM sometimes when I would admin the map alone I would get about 4-5 reports a round on a full server which is impossible to deal with by myself. If this map would be removed from the map cycle it would make ALL of the admins happier. There isn't much more to say but this map sucks for admining as most of the time you have to spend in spectator and even then you might miss some reports then people end up revenge rdming because we cant deal with it.
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    Honestly, I don't think you are alone in terms of removing yourself from the server when it comes to the map itself (especially on a full server by yourself). I believe we all have felt that way at some point in time. Thanks @Divine for your response!
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    no i dont agree the map, is great, but we should just remove the T rooms instead, for i know, thats the problem, for people do have fun in it, and people only rdm on the map, cuz they dont see what is happening, and when i play on the map, i can spot people when they dont follow the rules, if i have the right tools of videos i could report them, but when admin is on, i just report every single rdm i see, for alot of new people and people who play it on basis never use it, cuz no admins are not always on, for one day i had to contact admins 3 times in a row, before one stayed, or more came and stayed, for all this we are talking about here is legit, just some rdm in general basis, for i see it everyday

    thats just me thinking, and i do ofcourse report when i can, and i know the person rdms or ghost or hack to more rounds before i record, so i can get the right notes normally.

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    Thanks @LordClouds for your response. Additionally, I agree with all your points illustrated as we all seem to feel the same way about the map itself. It is very difficult to enjoy the game with peers when sitting in spectate, especially when you have 3+ reports coming in. Essentially, this map is like a drive thru restaurant that is constantly backed up and you get no where with it.
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