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    Default Apply for Admin Trainer [Closed]

    Admin Trainer

    Division Application Status: Closed

    What is an Admin Trainer?

    Admin Trainers train server admins with the required knowledge to handle troublesome players in accordance with the admin guidelines. As well as:

    • Admin Trainers conduct interviews for applicants of the Admin Training Team
    • Admin Trainers help test maps, solve bugs, and assist tech team in stomping out problems with the servers.
    • Admin Trainers help in the creation and editing of the server rules.
    • Admin Trainers conduct training sessions for new and current admins.
    • Admin Trainers answer questions inside and outside the Admin Help forum.
    • Admin Trainers are the eyes and ears of the servers and are expected to be knowledgeable of the various CS servers.

    Who is an Admin Trainer?

    The current roster of all Admin Trainers and Admin Trainer Leadership.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible, you must be an experienced admin and have a microphone to use in TeamSpeak.​ (eG admins may apply).

    Application Link (Click Here)

    What's Next?

    Once you have posted your application, you will most likely be contacted and interviewed on TeamSpeak by an AT and then you will be updated with the final decision after an interview.
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