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    Default D.Va gets sponsored

    Or is just donning the sponsor's skin for her meka I guess.

    Anyhoo, remember the Mercy event where you had to watch Twitch streams to get sprays/icons? This is similar, but a bit different. So if you win 3/6/9 games in Arcade/Quick Play/Competitive mode during the event, you get 2 sprays, what I believe to be an icon, and finally D.Va's new epic skin.

    Now if you want the freakishly adorable gremlin sprays, well that's gonna come at a cost of watching up to 8 hours of Twitch streamers as listed in the above link. Like, freakishly adorable. As in Mercy's Twitch stream sprays are in jeopardy here of being knocked off the top spot.
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    I like this part of the article

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