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    Default [TF2] pG Servers should have slightly slower respawn times

    Our servers are listed as fast respawn, not instantaneous respawn. The current implementation allows for problematic and less-than-satisfying gameplay loops, wherein felled players return to the place of their deaths within seconds. This leads to an unfairly favorable position for respawned players, allowing them to aggress their killer before their killer has time to regroup/heal. I propose that the respawn times be exactly five seconds--not too long, not too short. I believe this will generate more equitable deathmatch encounters between players.
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    Is this just for hightower or for 2fort and harvest as well?

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    This is interesting

    I mean the 2Fort server already has a nice respawn time
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    I feel if this is going to be changed it's something players should vote on and get a good server input on. I for one love instant respawn 2fort, it is one of my favourite set ups.
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    Hightower is merely a DM server but both objective based servers shouldn't be running an instant respawn for pure reasons of balence and to promote strategic play over simple suicide runs.

    You can ask the players; maybe they want it upped, maybe not. It's not always player consent that matters and simply catering to that in exact is not the way to go.

    Use examples and think it through:

    - No waiting.
    - Easy to get involved.
    - Teams always have alive players.
    - Constant action.

    - Suicide runs.
    - Less strategy, more running.
    - Lack of teamwork on objectives.
    - Objective stagnance where a cap isn't moved one way or the other.

    Then think map specific, such as 2Fort becoming so overbearing that it's almost going to be too easy to defend one's own intelligence because they can easily die and get back to the gates before the capping team even leaves the intel room.
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    I'm with @Simon in wanting the community's opinion. Considering how devoted our pG players are to our server, we need to reach out to them directly - not just on the forums where they don't visit. I'd like to try to get a server message out if at all possible, prior to making any changes.

    Depending on how they feel, I'd be willing to make some changes.
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    We would make a forum poll and create a server message that directs regulars to visit the forums to vote on it. That way we can combine the poll with discussion.

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    Hmm, I don't know. Are there any Source Mod plugins that can tally votes per player? Many probably won't be bothered to register on a forum--this is actually rather common, unfortunately, as I've observed.

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