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    I never really liked Moonjail, BUT there were lots of players who loved it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    I never really liked Moonjail, BUT there were lots of players who loved it
    I loved that map soo much! (if tech team could maybe find a solution to fix all of the bugs that would be awesome) :D

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    While I might get some hate from this, it's going to be a: "Please for the love of god don't bring this back." Let me explain myself. Now, what's good about moon jail? The games, the layout with the teleporter, yeah the list pretty much ends there for me. What I don't like about this map: HnS is pretty much a joke, since the ct's don't really have much of a chance due to the 4 secrets right outside or inside main cells. Secondly, I mentioned the games on this map are cool, but do we ever play them? No. All that map is, will be colors, jump rope, and race once in a blue moon. Thirdly, this is possibly one of the easiest maps of all time to rebel on. Yes, rebelling is a part of JB but this map takes it to a RIDICULOUS point. Five guns, literally within sight from main cells. How excatly is a warden going to deal with that unless the CT's are on point, and in most cases, they aren't, or if the warden himself deals with the rebellers and risks ruining the round due to his death, or a freekill, or half the T's dying to a game. And the last point I want to bring up, is that this map brings more freekill and swap spam than any other map. Spy v Spy? No. VIP? No. This map trumps over all of them with making players think they were freekilled, which they think they need to spam in the chat, which just creates tension between players which is nothing but an extra issue to deal with. Why? Let me explain. Right out of main cells are two ramps which go down to the bottom level. Half the times I would play this map, three times I've had someone say this to me: "He was looking at the ramp so I killed him." I've also seen: "The marker was far away and he didn't see it so he delayed." While the map might have some interesting facts and games, the cons for me completely outweigh the pros. Thanks if you read the whole thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonic View Post
    While I might get some hate from this, it's going to be a: "Please for the love of god don't bring this back." . . .
    While I don't completely agree with all your points I can agree that jb_moonjail is and will always be a great rebel-nation map. However, it does not overwhelmingly out scale in CT difficulty compared to vipinthemix or spyvspy as you pointed out.

    With that being said I hope we can fix and implement the pg version because that update catered to our specific server and size. In main cells it removes the gun spawn and moves the glock secret further away from T's.

    Not to mention it increases the size of moonexpress to reduce C4 wipeout and stops the forklifts from moving which T's LOVED to get stuck on. It also fixed some lag and has main cells auto open at 8:15.

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    This map deff needs to be put back in.

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    Bring the moon back! No moon no love and will be evil forever!

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    In two words, jb_fentex is absolutely stunning, it is a massive map littered with a ton awesome map games that are not like anything you have played before. An hour of playing this map would not even be enough time to be able to play each game at least once. This map is simply stunning and would definitely be a favorite on our servers if it were to be added.

    The aesthetics of this map are incredible, and the built-in teleporters make transportation throughout the map much easier, helping with the warden's overall flexibility. Every turn leads to a different game, all different from each other, and the experience is like no other, with the addition of several incredibly well-made games that hold aspects that are on a different tier.

    It includes some of the lovable aspects of jb_moonjail, such as antimate, and combines incredible map games that Dede, the map creator, made. While testing this map, some of my personal favorite games were Bomberman (If you played this game before, IT'S IN CS:GO ON THIS MAP!), buildclimb (You have to build the climb to continue), and Cookies (Collect all the cookies). Like jb_moonjail, which included an insane secret that gave you a view of the entire map, this map also has an incredible secret similar to that, it places you on top of the map, where you can spam some funny noises (dolphins and something resembling a squeal) and you can activate a cutscene of jb_fentex versus jb_moonjail, showing a ship battle in the distance.

    This map is simply amazing, and with the map being made by Dede (creator of jb_moonjail and jb_shapeshifter), you already know the quality of this map is beyond many of our current jailbreak maps. I really hope this map is added as it will definitely soon rise to one of the best maps on our servers, possibly at the same level of jb_clouds or the previous jb_moonjail.

    (Also #BringBackMoonjail)
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    Sooo is it going to be brought back or nah? It's just a great map.

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