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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Sniper View Post
    There’s an edit button and a multi quote button on eGO forums fyi.

    FAQs should be used to define terms, AKA stuff like what is the Jailbreak gamemode? What is freekilling? What is baiting? What are CT areas? What does last request mean?

    If you have to define rules then they were not written clear enough in the first place or they may be too vague.

    But here I’ll humor you about the three rules and some common sense on how to deal with them.

    1) Why are you in front of cells before they open, you’re baiting by being too close to the Ts

    2) Why are you on the same level as the Ts and not in CTs areas that are away from the Ts? Or why are you so close to the Ts anyways as you have a gun and it shoots projectiles? You shouldn’t bait the Ts and if they’re running at you they’re gonna knife you so...

    3) Common sense, just give them time and don’t be so trigger happy. Obviously not everyone will think this but you as another CT can help change the mindset to be a bit more lenient towards the Ts and help change the depressing attitudes of killing for minor things.
    I'm sorry this depressing UI isn't easy to follow on mobile, I read the FAQs and there are some certain situation tabs (whatever there called)

    1. Pursuing vents, hence why I quoted a former pG AT who was active on jb
    That's the number one excuse for cts to camp it

    2. Its a freeday? Ts outnumber Cts by 3:1 your bound to get surrounded

    3. Clearly not with newer players they tend to follow the imaginary 3 second rule. I've been killed multiple times asking the warden a question, getting shot midway of my point because I didn't move or pursue in 3 seconds

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    Bump. I really would love to see these added. +1

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    For your first suggestion, this question is already answered in the current FAQ but I agree that alot of people did not know this, including admins.
    In FAQ #4 it says:
    4) What exactly is camping vents and secrets?
    Camping vents and secrets can be either staring down towards a vent without caring for other parts in the prison, standing at the entrance/exit of the secret of vent or being inside of it waiting for people to come to you.
    I'll make sure to make it clear with players that waiting in front of vent cells before cells are open is NOT allowed. I see it happen mainly on avalanche and dojo

    I don't necessarily agree with your second suggestion. Guards can warn players to back off if they feel threatened and warden can give a knifing distance during his custom freeday.

    I disagree with with your third suggestion. There a lot of implied rules and the 3 second rule is a massive one. I think its good where its at.

    I also agree that FAQ does need some clean-up and updates so im looking forward to suggesting some in the near future. One im thinking about is saying "unstack between markers" and being inside markers is implied rather than the opposite.
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    Some of these were added to the rules in the rule update but the ones not addressed don't really seem to be an issue, so we will not be adding them to the FAQ at this time.


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