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    Default Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m new here. What do I do? Where do I go?
    First of all, welcome to the community! There's plenty to do here, but the best step is to introduce yourself. You can do that by posting an introduction thread.

    How do I post an introduction thread?
    Go here and post your introduction by clicking here to let the community get to know you.

    Do I have to post an introduction thread?
    Nope. You are not required to post one at all.

    What's the structure of EdgeGamers?
    The structure can be found on our About Us along with descriptions for Leadership.
    A list of Leadership members can be found here.

    What is a Member? Are there any benefits?
    As a member of eGO, you are held to a higher standard than non-members. You are expected to know and abide by the Server Rules both on and off our servers. You also get a chance to get admin if you show your maturity!

    What are the rules?
    The server-wide rules can be found here. If you need rules for a specific server, find them in the respective division's forum section.

    How do I get more noticed as a Member and become an Admin in Training?
    The basic requirements you need for consideration can be found here.

    Where has my rank gone?
    There can be many reasons for this, but one of the most common is inactivity on the forum.
    If you have been inactive on the forum for longer than a week your rank will automatically be disabled.
    Log in to the forums and re-log in-game and you should be good.
    If you were active on the forums and still lost your rank, please make a contact leadership asking why.

    How do I become a Dedicated Supporter?
    Check out this thread to learn how to become a Dedicated Supporter and use it properly.

    What are the different roles of Leadership?
    Member Services - Handles community affairs.
    Admin Trainers - Handles rules and admin related affairs.
    Tech Team - Handles coding and server updates.
    Event Coordinator - Handles events and tournaments in the community.
    Media Team - Handles news posts and writing for multiple different projects.

    Where do I go to apply?
    Clicking this text here will take you to a page where you can get everything set up and post your application.

    What are the requirements to apply?
    To apply, you must have a registered forum account and the relative id for the game in MAUL.
    You must also be thirteen or have parental consent to join. This is due to COPPA.

    My application was accepted! When do I get admin?
    You will not receive admin until you are at least an Admin in Training. Once we believe you are mature enough and are admin material, you can be promoted to an Admin in Training, and your admin will be activated after you've gone through the proper training.

    Why is my application under leadership review?
    Your application may be under review for a variety of reasons. When it is put under review, a member of Member Services Leadership will investigate why it was put on review and may contact you depending on the cause.

    My application was denied. What now?
    There are many possible reasons an application could have been denied. If you are unsure of the reason, or you think it was denied by mistake, create a thread in the Contact Leadership forum letting them know why you think your application should be accepted.

    I was banned from the servers but I didn't do anything wrong. What now?
    If you feel you were wrongfully banned from our servers head over to the Contest Ban forum and use this to post your Ban Contest.

    There's a guy who has been breaking rules on our servers, how do I report them?
    Create a new thread in our Ban Request and use the format listed here.

    There's no admins on the server, how can I get some help?
    Your best bet is to have a few admins who regular the server added on Steam. If none are on, try connecting to our TeamSpeak server here and ask for help in the Member Services section.

    A member is breaking the rules, how do I report them?
    Create a thread in the Contact Leadership forum and submit any evidence you have with the prefix "Neighborhood Watch."
    Leadership will take action if they feel it is necessary.

    An admin or dedicated supporter is breaking the rules, how do I report them?
    Create a thread in the Contact Leadership forum and follow the format and submit any evidence you have.
    Leadership will take action if they feel it is necessary.

    Someone is being disruptive on TeamSpeak. Who can help me?
    Contact any available admin.
    All admins can issue warnings, kicks, or bans as necessary on TeamSpeak.

    Am I able to be an admin in other communities while I'm an admin here?
    You are able to have admin permissions in as many communities as you see fit so long as you are not a member of leadership in both communities

    What is a signature?
    A signature is that little bit of text or image(s) that appear underneath a user's posts. These are currently turned on.

    How do I change my signature?
    Go here and upload an image, enter some text, or even both!

    I don't want other people seeing what I'm doing on the forum, how do I have some privacy?
    Go into your Privacy Settings and adjust them as you see fit.

    When is the next event?
    Check the Events post in the division's forum area regularly to see all the upcoming events.

    How would I go about submitting a bug request?
    Go to the Bugs / Incidents / Problems forum and check if there is already a report on the bug you encountered. If not, create a thread with the associated prefix.
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