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    Teamspeak Setup Guide

    To start, go to and click the download button, install Teamspeak like you would any other program.

    Now, before you connect, you should make a myTeamspeak account to save your access across computers.

    Go to and click register, as shown here

    It will ask for email and such, just fill those out like you normally would for any account.

    You will get an email confirming the registration, and yes, you should confirm it.

    Next, log into the account on Teamspeak, under Tools>Options>myTeamspeak

    Use the email that you signed up with, and what ever password you used.
    Once you finished with that, it should say "Connected as (Your Username)" that means you're good to go.

    To get MAUL working under the Synced ID, go to Tools>Identities, and find your Synchronized IDs, click "Go Advanced" and you will see an unique ID.

    Copy paste that id into maul like any other id.

    Now, Connect to the Teamspeak server here.
    Once on the server, pm the EdgeGamers's Bot with the message "!verify" but without the quotes.
    Your Teamspeak ID should be verified in MAUL,

    If you need help, go to a Member Services admin, and they can help you issues you might have.
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