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    Default How Do I Get Promoted To Admin?

    This clan’s foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. There is a heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others and having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. Because of this, eGO has attracted the most dedicated members and experienced administrators in the gaming world and we are always looking to promote members who show potential and maturity.

    Understanding Our Structure and Ranks

    How do I become an Admin?

    Your first step is to Join eGO

    Once becoming a member Learn the rules and Follow them and show your Maturity

    EdgeGamers Public Rules - Forum & Server

    • No disrespect tolerated. This includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist or homophobic term.
    • All names, sprays and avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
    • No drug references in names, chat or sprays
    • No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind.
    • No server disruption, including: griefing, mic/chat spamming, trolling or intentionally interfering with teammates.
    • No advertising in servers.
    • No names, chat or sprays that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism or religion.
    • Website URLs will be permitted in players names providing they follow our Code of Conduct. Any URL advertising racism, pornography, or pose a threat or harm will be afforded the W/K/B policy.
    • No impersonating admins.
    • No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server.
    • Admins have final say in server.

    How do I show my maturity?

    Showing your maturity is extremely easy. You can socialize and participate in the community by:

    • Getting to know our Members and Leadership
    • Posting on the forums
    • Socializing on TeamSpeak and/or Discord
    • Attending events
    • Playing on our servers while upholding the Rules
    • Posting ban reports on troublesome players
    • Being active within the Community

    There are a number of ways you can get yourself recognized just from playing on the servers, joining TeamSpeak and be active on our servers and forums.

    Recruiting others to the clan is another great way to prove maturity and dedication.

    All those efforts will help you get your maturity known, and the more you do it, the quicker you will be promoted.

    How long does it take to be promoted?

    There is no set time. It can take weeks or months before you get promoted - whatever time is necessary to determine your maturity more clearly without doubt. Refer to the question 'How do I show my Maturity known?' for more information.

    How do I recommend someone for a promotion?

    You can recommend members for a promotion by using our Contact Leadership via the forums by using the "Thread Prefix" Promo Rec and using this template:

    In-Game Name:
    Rank: e eG eGO
    Reason: Please give a detailed reason for your recommendation, posting relevant things this person has done.

    Never ask for a promotion!

    Promotions comes once you have shown potential and maturity. Asking for a promotion is not one of those signs.

    First and the most important part of it all is to have fun!
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