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    Default What? You want more new skins!?

    Well it's your lucky month! Summer Games 2018 is coming with a number of new ones!

    Let Reinhardt show you how he breaks through the enemy defensive line for a touchdown with his powerful bull rush, or ride the waves with D.Va on her wave rider (complete with hair-up skin for Hana herself!)

    The games begin the 9th, so... you know... you might want to make some room in your schedule...

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    Ana puts on her best beach attire (complete with sunglasses and sunhat) in her Cab-Ana skin (emphasis mine) while Winston shows off his skills as a baseball player while catching 98MPH peanut butter balls.

    137.6 decibel World Record Fan Noise 12/2/13!

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    Roadhog joins Junkrat on the pitch with his lacrosse gear!

    137.6 decibel World Record Fan Noise 12/2/13!

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    Welcome, to Lucioball Park!

    For a third time.

    Anyhoo, the games have begun chock full of new stuff like listed above. And the obvious emotes, sprays, 'normal' rare skins, victory poses...

    And this:



    OH MY GOD THIS PATCH. Not only have they tweaked the Hero Gallery's look a little bit (the buttons to take you into the various customization options of each hero appear a little larger), they've added two new things:

    The ability to buy everything you don't have in each hero's customization options (i.e. buying all the victory poses for Hanzo you don't have or all the skins for Mei that have eluded you thus far).

    And two, a dang nifty little option to display everything that's new to the event/patch. You can then scroll through the list and preview them at your leisure as opposed to popping into each hero page to hunt for them.
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    137.6 decibel World Record Fan Noise 12/2/13!

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