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    Default CS:GO JB Factions / Gangs, Credits

    As a previous 2 year recruit from HG (HellsGamers), there was one thing that stood out to me than other JB servers. There was something called "Gangs / Factions." Where it is basically a clan with a limit of 20 people to start off and increases the limit as the level of the gang goes up. This was very fun and motivated a lot of things. One for the t's to try to rebel, and second to promote more playing time for those in gangs. Ways to make a gang is simple, but it may take time for server makers to do this. We need to implement a crediting system, where each 1 minute a ready t or ct is credited 5 credits (etc.) Credits can do many things, One we can have a server shop where you can buy cosmetics and other stuff like that. Two, you can make a gang by spending X amount of credits. And three, you can contribute to your gangs level by donating credits X amount of credits to level up your gang. As I have not been in eGO for a long time compared to others, I dont now know if anyone else has brought this to favor. But why I think creits can be succesful is one keep bringing back players to play more to get more credits, second to earn some cash for eGO where we can setup an online store to buy credits with real money, and third we can build off many ideas from this crediting system. One of which is where ct's and t's can bet / gamble on things during lr, like I remember we had a gambling system where we would call out a color the roulette will land on and give the credits to the winner. "100 on blue" *lands on blue* *other player types command !give "player name" 100*. Going back to gangs / factions, commands such as !joingang will list all gangs available to join, to join a gang it either may be free, or you may have to pay a certain amount, or you can only join if you get invited by on of the leaders in the gang. Once in a gang most of the contribution in game to the gang will be on the t side, kill a ct (not during lr) will give you 5 credits, winning the round for either t or ct will give you 2 credits, random 1 minute drop will give you 1 credit. I know this is a big suggestion but it is a favorite fun thing that should totally be in eGO servers. I also know that all of you may have . alot of questions because I have messed several critcal information, but dont worry I will be active on this post to answer as many questions as possible to make this happen. If any knows of gangs / factions, or credits and would like to help me please dm my steam and we can talk.

    Thanks, MisterPrez XOXO
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    Holy shit this sounds fantastic! I’d love to see this be implemented as long as it gave you no in-game advantages over other players. Great idea!
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    It's just me ʕ ᴥʔ
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    I would love to see why people wouldn't want this implemented.
    I feel that most people already are in an unnamed gang, and they always stick together and rebel together. I feel that this would ONLY aid the servers. Especially Jailbreak.

    I'd love to know what people think, and why they are against it.
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    Looking at the poll, it seems more people dislike it rather than like it. Explain why or if you have any questions about I can answer anything. As I am very serious f this topic and want to contribute to this making it into our servers

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    Coolio. The only negative I see to this is favortism when the gang is on two sides, but admins should handle that.

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    we already had the store and credits plugin on the eGO servers and believe there gonna be brought over (dont quote me on that). The gangs part seems cool and I would love a MS/PSC gang

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    Yes, @MisterPresident , I thought of this while reading another threat. Lets say i use my credits to buy a skin, and I rebel but get back in stack (w/o ct’s seeing my name). They will know it’s me because ofmy unique skin. Same happens with VIP masks...
    This is a major issue... same with trails and virually anything that can be purchased from a credits menu.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea...
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    I would love to see this! I just worry on if we would have to change the way Jailbreak plays like now. And possible new custom games with new rules.
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    I've heard of this idea from a few people and I do enjoy the thought a lot. Would be fun to see people working together like this. Then again, people also might make their own clicks and start to resent others in different factions...

    Nah but sounds like fun, I'll be rooting for it
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