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    It's likely not something that I'm going to add (yes, it would delay the release period which is already being crunched by my life and finals) unless Mayhem Death specifically clears it to be added, as it would require me to start working on my SQLite based saving utilities.
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    I would be all for it. We already have “fake” gangs like cheesegang, wheelchrgang, etc. It’s always fun to see stuff like this
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    I like the idea, but I don't want it as a plugin.

    If you wish to roleplay your gangs, you can change your names with appropriate gang tags like #NerdGang and come on teamspeak or discord to chat among selfs. Roleplay can be done without needing the plugins. Working together can go far.

    As for credits, this is bound to break many things. Except if you wanna use credits for hats that Vips exclusively have access to, in which case I doubt that would be approved.
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    This was added in the new jailbreak update.


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