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    Default Jailbreak 1.5/2 - Work In Progress

    This thread will be used to highlight changes we are already planning on making to JB 1.5. Please check this thread before giving suggestions about Jailbreak.

    Please understand, we have decided to release what we deem as a "fit build" for the Jailbreak server. What this means is that changes WILL be made to the gamemode after play testing. Everything on the server is subject to change, until we move from 1.5 to 2.0

    WIP MEANS = Tech is actively working on it.

    • Add warden deaths/takes to logs
    • Color reds client side around the corners of their screen (working on the code to test, we will discuss about adding it)
    • Add bounty system for gangs with credit reward (thanks epic!)
    • Add donate system for gangs (code is done, we are discussing if it should be added or not)

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    Going forward, when we decide we will move forward with a suggestion (FOR JB 1.5/2) it will be marked here as "WIP", after it's done, it will be marked as so. Please be patient and we will get to all suggestion threads. Thank you.

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