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    Default Overall thoughts and Ideas for changes in the new JB 1.5 Update

    Overall great update, it adds a lot of needed features to JB

    #1 Explanations - The explanations of the special days and other stuff is great for newer players. In my opinion, it can get annoying for veteran players If an option was implemented in where very active players could toggle the message on the side if wanted. The explanations like I said are very helpful for newer players and less knowledgable players on the top but can be very annoying for the vet's.

    #2 Gangs - The gang system is very nice. It organizes players that play very often and a way to show off. A cool idea in my books if it was to act almost like steam groups, Where a title of the clan not only showed on the /gangs list But if possible a way to make a smaller clan tag in example; the group "REBEL NATION" could instead of showing that on leaderboards you could show a selectable prefix "REBEL"
    Also, gangs imo are awesome and I would love to see an option to view the members of the gang outside of being in the game, ex a selectable option to view the members outside of the creator.

    #3 Reputation - The reputation system is a fun way to share peoples thoughts on things. Imo it is a great idea but has a few flaws, I feel that the reps should only be shared between the player who rep'd them and the player being rep'd, or if possible a /toggle menu where you can toggle the multiple chat pop-ups for an overall better experience for some people.

    Overall I love the update and feel it adds the flair back to a once jb experiance.

    #4 In my onion, My idea for gangs would be a gang chat accessible sort of like admin chat, Using a symbol like # or something this would make it able for a gang member to talk to his gang mates in some sort of way.

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    Thanks for the feedback! As for Gangs, we have already began thinking about what the plugin could be utilized for besides just basic stat tracking. A quick discussion made us consider competitions between gangs, maybe even perks and stuff?

    Thank you for your feedback and ideas, keep them coming!
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    Glad to see you responding arby

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    I really like the first idea, my question is would this be able to toggle for each special day or one toggle for each of them, because I know that players might play some SD more than others and learn the rules to that one quicker then others. but overall great suggestions
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