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    Default Garry's Mod Addons

    - Add additional taunts, or remove the current one and add this :p

    Reward System:
    - Could tie into the above

    - Old one is outdated and ugly :p

    Chatbox 2:
    - Same reason as above.

    ** I should also note, i have these addons as well as other bought from GModStore, if someone from the gmod dev wishes to view them in use or other addons before buying for the server or something, shoot me a PM or add me on Steam and I can setup a private server for the test**
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    This is nice. +1
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    Hey Jay,

    Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions. We will discuss them in Garry's Mod Leadership.
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    Disregarding my hate for GMStore, most if not all addons from the site will need to be customized to fit in-line with the recently implemented Maul features.
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    Will not be adding at this time. We got some pretty smart cookies here, so if we decide to do something different with chat or other things, I trust that they can work some magic. Yeeted to completed.

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