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    Default Pre Patch live 7/17

    Patch 8.0 is going live on Tuesday 7/17 in preparation for BFA on 8/14.

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    You can't bring me back whethers. I'm clean, you hear me?! I'm clean!
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    oh no... no no no no... why... no... why... i can hear it calling.... the game.... its begging.... for my credit card...

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    Good news so far the Pre patch has been bad. So not really a reason to come back yet.

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    @whethers what is so bad about it? I heared it was bad, just not why

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    There's not a whole lot in the game right now except a couple cinematic which you can watch on YouTube. The pre patch world quests right now are kind of lacking(This is the one that's gotten me, its so bland compared to the legion pre patch.) The Quests provide 210 gear with a chance at being warforged and titanforged. The gear isn't to bad looking personally but it takes about 2-3 days to get a character all the pieces. They did a stat squish and something went terribly wrong and they don't know what. So leveling xp is screwed up, they've put in a patch to try and fix this particularly the 6-80 range. People are not liking the those story cinematics as its currently mirroring the beginning one Mists of Panderia and Garrosh, but this time its Sylvannas.

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    Welp, i did preorder it, but I don't think I will play. Wasted money, xD

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    Bullet dodged. Thanks for the update whethers.

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    ive been playing, did some of the pre patch stuff. been fun

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