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    Default Major Event Rules

    Major Event Rules

    Section 1: Eligibility
    1.1 Eligibility Conditions
    The following are required for all participants:

    - You must have no bans for cheating through VAC within the past 365 days.
    - You must have no current bans on the EdgeGamers servers.

    Section 2: Event Conduct
    2.1 Alignment of Rules
    All eGO rules and guidelines are in effect for the duration of the event. These include, but are not limited to, conduct, behavior, language, respect, and maturity.

    All participants are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standard of sportsmanship and respect their teammates and their competitors for the duration of the event.

    2.2 Team Communications

    Teams are allowed to communicate with each other via text chat so long as the communicate is appropriate and respectful.

    If there is a need to communicate with a referee, please ask the question in staff chat. The referee will then decide upon the appropriate course of action. Staff chat can be accessed by using the % in team chat followed by your message.

    2.2.1 In-Game Voice
    At all times: Voice chat will be limited to team communication. If necessary, the referees will communicate vocally to both teams.

    2.2.2 Admin Chat
    Players who do have the ability to use admin chat should refrain from doing so. Admin chat will be used only by referees if necessary.

    2.2.3 Questions/Communications to Referee
    During game play: The match referee holds the right to ignore and decline to answer any questions regarding rules interpretation, referee decisions, and questions which are answered elsewhere.

    During non-game play: The match referee may answer any and all questions if they so choose.

    Section 3: Exploitation
    3.0 Use of Models
    Players must use:
    - Default point-of-view ("POV")
    - Default sounds

    3.1 CVARs
    Client Variables (CVARs), or any other client side settings or applications that would yield an unfair advantage in match play are not allowed. These CVARs include, but are not limited to: any commands that alter weather; alter the effectiveness of smoke/fragmentation grenades; remove or lessen ambient sounds; modify textures to an extent that would yield an unfair advantage; modify lighting to an extent that would yield an unfair advantage; make any solid object or surface see-through or invisible; modify hitboxes and/or player movement in an unfair way. Interpretation of the legality of CVARs is left to the discretion of eGO Event Staff.

    3.2 Map/Game Manipulation
    3.2.1 Map Exploits
    Any form of exploiting the map or the use of map bugs to kill or harm opponents is illegal. This includes boosting exploits, movement exploits, and any other form of exploitation.

    3.2.2 Keyboard/Mouse Binds
    Players are prohibited from binding any action in conjunction with +attack.
    Players may not bind "+attack" to "mwheelup" or "mwheeldown" to accelerate shooting weapons faster than they are intended to be.
    Players may not use any kind of macro to allow the shooting of weapons faster. This applies to any keyboard/mouse or even a program that allows you to setup a macro to do so.

    3.2.3 CVAR Exploits
    A client or server variable that allows for or forces an object to be translucent or invisible is illegal.

    3.2.4 Sound Exploits
    The toggling/changing of any sound cvar during a match is illegal.

    3.2.5 Right To Examine
    All clients connecting to the eGO Event Server explicitly permit the use of anti-cheat detection applications.

    Clients connected to the eGO Event Server grant eGO the right to use any application, at its discretion, to examine client configurations.

    Section 4: Server Configuration
    4.1 Pure Server
    The server shall be set to use the setting of sv_pure 2. (Source Servers)
    All non-standard client/user content shall be ignored.

    4.2 Server Malfunction or Configuration Error
    If an error causes the server to malfunction or otherwise cause the match to be unplayable:

    In the first five rounds of play: The match will be restarted.

    After the first five rounds of play: The match will be suspended and can be restarted at the discretion of eGO Event Staff. If the match is decided to not be restarted, the game will continue at the score marker prior to the server malfunction.

    4.3 Match Configuration
    Match/Event Configuration will be determined and posted in the event thread.

    4.4 Game Recording
    The game will be spectated and recorded by an official eGO Event Staff member. All players will also be required to record a demo of their game play (if applicable). Players should start recording demos prior to the beginning of the match. Players should stop recording when instructed to by a referee. Demos must be held for 48 hours after the match ends.

    Section 5: Event Time & Date
    5.1 Time/Date
    The scheduled time/date may not be modified. All players and/or teams are expected to show up and be ready to play at any time during the event day. If a player and/or team is unable to make it, the match will count as a loss for the player or team that did not attend. All times listed in the event schedule are subject to change.

    Section 6: Location
    6.1 Location of Event
    The Event will be held on an eGO Event server. If the server is not available due to technical or other issues, the match will be postponed and rescheduled until such time that the server becomes available again.

    6.2 Pre-Match
    Those who want to participate in the event will need to be in the designated server no later than 15 minutes prior to their match time.

    6.3 Server Connection
    Upon receiving the server password, all players shall have 5 minutes to connect and log onto the given event server.

    Section 7: Event Setup
    7.1 Matches
    Specific information regarding the set up of each event will be gone over prior to the start of the event.

    Section 8: Disputes
    8.1 - Disputes
    Any disputes regarding game play, exploits, cheating or tactics must be submitted to one of the Event Staff members via private message on the forums with proof of the occurrence and a detailed description including the associated times. Disputes must be filed within 48 hours of the end of the event. If a player is unsure if something would be considered an exploit or would like more information about who to file a dispute with, they should contact an eGO Event Staff member.

    8.2 Sportsmanship
    All registrants are required to display the highest standards of conduct and observe common sportsmanship during matches. Name calling, taunting, complaining, swearing, cheating, and temper tantrums will not be tolerated and may result in the disqualification of offending player(s).

    8.3 - Penalties
    Penalties are broken into two categories, technical penalties and penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct. A technical penalty occurs when the procedures for participating in a match outlined in any previous section are not followed.

    1st violation: A warning to the participants.
    2nd violation: The participants will forfeit one round to the opposing player or team.
    3rd violation: The participants will be removed from the event.

    Note that these penalties can be increased at any point in time based on the discretion of event staff. You may also be suspended for actions that are not covered above. Ultimately, suspension length rests at the discretion of event staff and are subject to change at any time.

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