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    Default Need some tips for a noob

    Looking for some tips on how to do things in rust.
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    Honestly search just about anything on youtube. Rust noob, how to start etc. You will figure out more in 10 min of watching some gameplay than anything I can write here.

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    Rule #1 Do not make and leave a base made out of only thatch. Super easy to destroy and raid. Minimum on our server you should aim for is a stone base. Remember some time ago a base was raided, made out of wood and stone, because the foundation was still thatch. Didn't even need to use a flamethrower to break it.

    Another tip: put a code lock on your cupboard. That way it's not easy for other players to just access your stuff and decay-raid your base. I would even suggest locking all your chests too while you're at it, but then that's inconvenient for me and others that may raid... Oh well.

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    Use you rock, collect wood and stone. With that wood and stone explore the craft menu, tools, building.
    Then, find a good supply of food. A starter one may be near a supermarket/gas station because they have a good bit of old food in them. Or, and a safer way, make a base near a river/stream. Not a bay, a stream. That stream will get you water, and will get you food. Generally, there will be pumpkins and corn that spawn. Make a base there as long as you feel nessicary so that you can move your food supply later to someone where more practical, and safe from raiding.

    End of the day, just follow those beginning steps, or look up on youtube as golden said for more in detail. I personally wouldn't go much farther than that in hints because the fun of the game is finding those things out.
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    Build airlocks on your base, so that even if all the doors are open someone cannot get inside. "going deep" on someones base is killing them repeatedly with the doors open so they have a bag timer, resulting in a minute or two to loot and bounce. It's not necessary and easily preventable. Learn how to work the monuments, if you want guns early game or if you are bad at pvp. They are great for component and bp farming. Third, go into community/modded and find a pvp server and learn how to use the guns. It's a bit different from other games, but if you can learn how to use guns correctly you'll be better off than half the population on any given server. <-- Link for monuments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock offroad View Post
    Looking for some tips on how to do things in rust.
    *Honey combed walls.

    What I did to learn rust was I played on the 15x gather servers to help me build an understanding of how to play, then I jumped into Vanilla and it felt impossible, I kept going and now I have 1.2k rust hours and I'm always on top.

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