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    Counter Strike Information Center

    Table of Contents
    Leadership Roster
    Specialty Teams
    Member of The Year

    Important Threads
    Server Rankings
    Jailbreak Server Rules
    TTT Server Rules
    Quality for an achievement or Titan award
    pG Awards Transfer
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    Counter Strike Leadership Team

    Mayhem Death

    Divisional Community Manager members are the key decision makers for the clan. They are responsible for ensuring that all divisions within eGO run perfectly and that our membership is informed and happy. All policy is handed down to the clan by them either directly or by delegation to the Senior Game Managers.

    Custom Stats

    Senior Game Managers are the highest level of leadership for each division. They oversee the divisional day to day operations, and make the important decisions within a division.






    Managers are the first level of clan leadership and are the go-to people in the event of a problem. They also oversee crucial systems, projects, and teams within the division.

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    Specialty Teams Roster

    Admin Trainers

    Larry_Da_Lobster (Head AT)

    Admin Trainers are the front lines in ensuring our admins are up to date with the latest information on being an admin. They teach the newly promoted admins everything there is to know to be an admin. To be a trainer, you must be an experienced eGO ranked admin that knows everything there is to know about admining. Larry_Da_Lobster leads the Counter Strike AT team, so if interested, contact him for details on how to join.

    Event Coordinators


    Event Coordinators run and create the events that everyone can enjoy playing in. The EC team is only open to eGO ranked admins who are interested in stepping back from participating in events, to take a larger role in running them and ensuring everyone has fun! AshStix and Hydra lead the Counter Strike EC team, so if interested, contact one of them for details on how to join.

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    Counter Strike: Source Servers

    Dust 2

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Servers





    Trouble in Terrorist Town
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    Member of The Year

    Awarded to members of the Counter Strike Division who have made a long lasting and significant impact on the division.










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    1) Someone was warned a bit ago about a certain action. On a different map they did it again. What should I do?
    Go to the next step of the procedure even if the map has moved on. If someone disrespected last map and you come back and he is doing it again 2 later, feel free to kick him.

    2) Can I influence RTV on any other server besides JB?
    Yes. Rules state only JB.

    3) Is playing music allowed if all players agree that it is all right?
    Yes, as long as everyone on the servers agrees to it/is fine with it (so it doesn't disrupt the server), and if things start to get out of hand - w/k/b Server Disruption. Once again make sure EVERYONE agrees.

    4) The server is chaotic and there aren't any admins on. What should I do?
    On the server, you can use the '&' symbol in front of your message to send a message to all the admins that are currently on our servers and request for one to hop on. On TeamSpeak, you can message any of the admins in the CS channels and see if any of them are willing to hop onto the server. Another alternative is to add admins to your friends list on steam so you can easily contact them and ask if they can hop onto a server.

    5) I am getting bullied on the server, who should I contact?

    If you are getting bullied by another player, or witness a player bullying another player, report it in admin chat immediately. If there aren’t any admins on, get some evidence and submit a ban request. If you see a member or an admin bullying another player, you need to submit a Contact Leadership thread as soon as possible and the CS Leadership will take care of it immediately.


    1) Is 1v100 allowed?
    No, this game allows for the CTs to aide prisoners in winning the round by being able to kill off a CT.

    2) What exactly is camping vents and secrets?
    Camping would be considered standing and blocking the entrance, exits or inside of the secret/vent.

    3) Can T’s close the cell doors?
    Rules states ... interfering with games or activating buttons/controls meant for Guard's is rebelling. If the user kills players, it is griefing, follow with the appropriate admin action. If it disrupts the server such as preventing a T to exit cells issue w/k/b.

    4) If a T continuously restarts the game is it rebelling or server disruption?
    Rules state that as a prisoner you are rebelling if
    ... you interfere with games or activate buttons/controls meant for Guard's.
    If it gets out of hand it can be taken as sever disruption.

    5) Is it delaying if on a CT asks a T to drop his gun and he drops it and picks it back up?
    Yes it's delaying.

    6) During Warday, Can CT’s defend fellow CT’s who are being attacked?
    This rule is already explained in many forms. One of the simpler forms everyone knows of is "Red is dead". So yes.

    7) Can a warden play a luck based game if he has 21 Ts alive, but 1 is ST?
    No. You must not play any luck-based game unless there are 20 or less Prisoners alive.

    8) A guy has 1 game of ST. With 10 people alive, the warden plays an opinionated game and only a couple T's participated. Is the ST run out?
    It's optional for everyone to play. So no.

    9) If you give a Prisoner ST, you can't make them stay in cells for their games of ST right?
    ST is exempt from this rule, so you can let them stay in the cells.
    As a warden, you must NOT keep prisoners in cells after 2 minutes from round-start.

    10) Can you give ST for healthshot?
    A healthshot is not listed as contraband. So because of this, the T should not get ST for it.

    11) Can a Warden revoke ST if there’s more than 3 T’s left and isn’t guaranteeing LR?
    Warden can revoke ST for a valid reason. All Prisoners must be given at least one game of ST.

    12) If a T abuses the LR that they wouldn’t be able to in the usual situation. Consequence?
    W/K/B for 1-3 Server Disruption.

    13) If the warden does not repeat. Who do we punish if a CT kills someone for not following the repeat?
    The rules state that the warden need to repeat commands when asked to, so he should be fired if he does not follow this rule.
    The CT should be warned/swapped so he learns from their mistakes.

    14) Someone is swapped and then goes and breaks more rules during the round, what should happen?
    If after the swap they are doing a minor infraction it should be another warning. If more then minor, ban 1-3 days.

    15) Is standing on a Decoy to make the T go red baiting? Include scenarios for the Warden told him to throw it and the Warden did not.
    If he is rebelling, it's allowed. If the warden said he could throw the grenade the guard can be punished for baiting which would be a swap.

    16) Can the warden modify the parameters of the game after the game has begun?
    As long as no one dies. Yes.

    17) What classifies as a non-map game? Can I do a map game differently and not demonstrate it?
    A non-map game can be considered skill-jumps or others games that are not inside an actual map game. If warden does a custom map game he only has to demonstrate if its complicated. (i.e Warden does not have to demonstrate AFK Freeze death crate, sharks and minnows, or duck hunt etc)

    18) If warden is playing first reaction last reaction, and he doesn't say "afk freeze in between my commands" can you do something like jump when it's first reaction crouch?
    Yes, because you are only supposed to be killing (in this particular situation) the first T who crouches, not the T who jumps.

    19) Would it be allowed if theres 2 CTs left and the Ts are in a stack and one of the CTs slays so the other CT can just spray all the prisoners down?
    This is disruption and should be followed up by the swap / swap / ban procedure.

    20) Can a CT tell a T where to drop contraband, provided that the order does not conflict with the Wardens commands (example: told to AFK freeze)?
    Yes they can tell where to drop contraband as long as it is a reasonable place (i.e. can't be across the map) and it does not conflict with orders.

    21) Warden puts down red marker on the table and says "Stand on the chairs in the red marker". A smoke gets thrown down where Prisoners can't see chairs. Are we allowed to be killed for not being on the chairs?
    They should not be killed. The T's didn't have a reasonable opportunity to follow the command. So after the smoke has cleared, there should be a reasonable amount of time given to the T's reposition.

    22) Can CT's open armory for prisoners for Hunger Games?
    Yes, CTs are allowed to open armory for Ts on hunger games day, as long as they do not show favoritism in opening the door(I.E. only opening the door for one T or closing it when one tries to enter).

    23)If a warden calls KOS on a player and then proceeds to die, does the KOS transfer between wardens or is he pardoned when it becomes a freeday?
    If a warden calls KOS on a player and then the warden dies, the KOS transfers between wardens unless pardoned.

    24) On a Freeday if a CT goes into a "Warday" map game, and a T also comes in to the same game, are the CTs allowed to kill the Ts because it is technically part of the game?
    By entering the Warday map game on a freeday you are agreeing to play it. If you are killed by a CT in the course of playing the game it is not freekill.

    25) Can I say "cheating is allowed" when I'm a warden before starting a game?
    No, they cannot. Make sure you make them fully aware that this is not allowed. If they continue to follow through with it, fire them and follow w/w/ban. It confuses the prisoners and guards on what to do. An alternate is to play race instead.

    26) If the warden gives a command to unstack between two markers without specifying how the prisoners should unstack what is considered unstacked?
    The prisoners would be considered unstacked as long as their heads are not inside of each other.

    27) If you're a CT and you just finished pursuing vents but your still in them, do you think you should be allowed to break another vent in order to get out or should you have to back track and leave through the way you came?
    You must backtrack through vents because as a guard you must not:
    ... damage vents or go into them unless you hear/see/suspect a prisoner has gone through (do not camp vents).

    28) Can Guards follow other Guards KOS?
    No, Guards can only follow a KOS placed by the Warden.

    29) If I order T’s to be inside a marker and I see a foot outside of the marker, can I shoot their feet?
    No, foot checks are not allowed. If the T is partially in the marker then they are considered inside the marker.

    30) As a Guard, if I see a T disobey orders prior to to the warden dying can I kill him?
    No, all T’s are pardoned after Warden dies unless they damaged/killed a CT or if they are actively rebelling (in vents/armory, shooting gun, etc). The reason for this is to prevent CT’s who are not 100% certain that a prisoner rebelled, from freekilling someone who didn’t rebel prior to warden dying.

    31) Can warden offer a T to bloodhound without a reward?
    No, because this is indirectly griefing your teammate. You can only bloodhound if warden offers a reward (ST).

    32) As a T, how come I get killed for knifing a CT who is cleary baiting?
    As a T you have a choice to rebel or not and red is always dead unless pardoned. A CT who baits the T’s should be handled accordingly by the admins.

    33) As a Warden, do I have to say “get to the T side of X game.”, even if the game clearly separates CT side vs T side?
    Yes, because new players might not know which is the T side and not all games clearly separates the two sides (i.e Red/Blue).

    34) As a Guard am I able to play T games to get a better vantage point or play T games with the ST in games like tic-tac-toe?
    No, guards cannot play T games unless its to pursue a rebeller or on freedays/LR.

    35) If a prisoner states "no rules" in an LR, is that considered a Custom LR?
    Yes, because this would be modifying the original LR.

    36) Can you use the colors/breakfloor platform to conduct a custom luck based game?

    37) On jb_quake, can I stand on the armory exit teleport in main cells??
    Yes, because the teleporter is just an exit to armory and it does not act as an entrance leading to armory. This is also not the only exit out of armory.

    Map Specific Questions

    1) On the map jb_avalanche on the ski mountain game, are you allowed to use that game as an area for duck hunt?
    Yes, but you do not have to demonstrate this type of custom game.

    2) On clouds are you allowed to do a war day outside of the war day game/room?
    No, with the exception of Soccer or Maze.

    3) Are you allowed to KOS someone for being on the Forklift in Moonjail?
    If they did it intentionally, it's delaying. If they get pushed unintentionally they shouldn't be KOS'd.

    4) Are CT'S allowed to use the Forklift for transportation?
    As long as the CT's stay in sight of the T's they are allowed to use this as a means of transportation.

    5) On VIP-in-the-mix are you allowed to be on the T secret during Warday in the LR room?
    Yes, you are allowed to go up there.

    6) Is the Tree on clouds part of armory?
    Yes, the tree is part of armory and you can be killed there on hide&seek.

    7) Should the Warday location on MoonJail behind the glass be allowed?
    No, because the area is only accessible via a teleporter as well as gives an unfair advantage to the CT's.

    8) On jb_minecraft_beta are CTs allowed to be up in the top area of the map?
    No, the area is only able to accessed legitimately via a T secret. The other way to get up there is by abusing the mechanics of a booster located on the map, this method is considered an exploit. Only on freedays/LR can CT’s be up there.

    9) On ba_mlcastle_se are you allowed to have a Warday in Dodgeball?
    No, because it consists of a one way wall that gives CT's an unfair advantage over the T's.

    10) On maps with invisible in-cell teleporters can CT’s pursue the map to look for rebellers?
    No, because CT’s are not able to assume the T’s used the teleporter.

    11) On jb_quake what part of armory can the CT’s be in before expanding on hide-n-seek?
    Armory is considered where the CT’s spawn (before the Easy, Normal, Hard skill jump) or inside the gun rooms.

    12) On jb_seascape what part of armory can the CT’s camp before expanding on hide-n-seek?
    Only the actual room with the weapons can the CT’s be in before expanding in hide and seek.

    Trouble in Terrorist Town

    1) Can you kill for T-baiting?
    Yes, people can kill for that and not be considered as RDM.

    2) What is the punishment for T-baiting?
    It can fall under server disruption if repeatedly doing it, however, if they damage/kill another player it can be treated as Intentional RDM.

    3) Am I allowed to kill someone who has been called out for Kill-On-Sight (KOS)?
    If the KOS is called out by a Detective, you are allowed to kill-on-sight unless you have any doubt otherwise (please communicate your doubt).
    If the KOS is called out by an Innocent, then you must NOT kill-on-sight solely based on the KOS call-out - the player must meet the Suspicious or Traitorous criteria.

    4) I called a kill-on-sight (KOS) on someone but they ended up being an Innocent, can I be killed?
    Yes if other Innocents or Detectives find you are Suspicious or Traitorous. To reduce the chances of it happening, you should communicate your reasons, such as if it were self-defense, witnesses and so on.

    No if you are a Detective. If Detectives call KOS without reasonable and valid evidence or justification, they will be server-punished - if you cannot handle such responsibility, do not KOS.

    5) How many bodies do detectives need to scan to call a KOS?
    Detectives need one DNA scan on an innocent or detective body to call a valid KOS

    6) Am I allowed to kill someone based off of association?
    Yes, as you MUST kill for traitorous behavior and failure to do so can be considered traitorous.

    7) If a detective misses a tazer shot on a player are they allowed to shoot at and bait the player into shooting them in hope that they could possibly be a traitor?
    No, this falls under server disruption and players will be server-punished for such actions.
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