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    Default Supporting our Minecraft Server!

    Supporting our Minecraft Server!

    Support our EdgeGamers Minecraft server by voting for our server on the various server listings below! Each vote will help us rank up, which will, in turn, give us more exposure to players. Even if you do not play on our server, as long as you have a Minecraft account, you can still vote for us!

    Each vote on the survival server is worth 1 bedrock, which you can sell at /warp sell for in-game currency. You must be logged into the server to earn Bedrock. You can vote once a day on all the various vote sites, so vote every day to receive more bedrock!

    Admin Shop
    In the center of Townworld, Bedrock can be exchanged for in-game money at the Admin Shop.

    Voting Sites
    Vote #1 | Vote #2 | Vote #3 | Vote #4 | Vote #5

    Thank you for your support!
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