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    Default New to GMod Division? Start Here!

    Hello and welcome to Garry's Mod! This thread's purpose is to answer any questions you may have about our division. It contains information regarding current leadership members, specialty teams, our events program, and more.


    1. Welcome
    2. Leadership & Specialty Team Rosters
    3. Events Information
    4. Recruitment guide
    5. FAQ

    Server Info



    Other Useful Threads

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    Leadership Roster

    Forum | Steam

    Forum | Steam

    Michael Bolton
    Forum | Steam

    VACANT - Event Coordinators
    Forum | Steam

    AshStix - Admin Trainers
    Forum | Steam

    Specialty Team Roster

    Admin Trainers:
    The Admin Training team is responsible for training our new admins and upholding the policy set forth by the Community Management team.
    Mama Bear

    Event Coordinators:
    The Event Coordinators are responsible for planning and hosting the division's weekly events.
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    Garry's Mod Events Information

    Events are currently held every Wednesday and Saturday at 8PM US Eastern Time. If you're unsure what time that is for you, you can use this site to convert timezones. You can see the current events schedule in the Event Room description in TeamSpeak.

    Server IP:
    Subscribe to all the addons in this collection to reduce load times.

    GMod Event Rules

    Global Event Rules
    1. All eGO rules apply at all times during events.
    2. Event Coordinators are in charge of events and have the final say. They are the sole people responsible for administration during events.
    3. Do not pester or interfere with the ECs during events.
    4. Avoid using admin chat during events.



    Cops & Runners




    Extreme Football Throwdown

    Guess Who

    Hide & Seek

    Loot Wars/Fort Fights




    Quake 3

    Stop It Slender


    The Floor is Lava

    The Hidden

    Trash Compactor

    You Touched It Last

    Zombie Survival
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    GMod Division Recruiting Guide Written by Michael Bolton

    Welcome to the official recruitment guide for Garry's Mod. This guide will help teach you the basics to recruiting players into the community. It will help you learn everything from finding your recruit all the way to retaining them and keeping them active. This guide will be broken into three sections; Finding, Applying, and Retaining.

    Finding: How to spot a good recruit
    Applying: Helping your recruit through the process of joining
    Retaining: Keeping your recruit in EGO

    Quick Links:
    Join Page - The most important page for recruiting, this is the page you will send to all your potential recruits.
    Linking TeamSpeak to MAUL & TeamSpeak Info
    Introduction Forums - Let your new recruit tell a little about themselves!

    Any incorrect information, typos or concerns? Send Michael Bolton a PM on the forums or steam.

    Finding: How can I find someone to join EdgeGamers?

    Finding someone to recruit on the Garry's Mod servers can often be the hardest part of recruiting. It's important to remember that not everybody will want to join EdgeGamers and you may get rejected. It's important to stay positive, pace yourself, and don't feel pressured.

    If you go into a server trying to recruit somebody with a bad attitude, you will most likely get bad results. You should only recruit if you feel up to the challenge. Don't do it because you feel pressured to do it. Recruitment is pushed a lot in EdgeGamers and it can cause members to feel like they're useless and not helping if they don't recruit. Recruiting is 100% optional. You should never feel like you have to recruit. It helps, but no one will make you do it. Don't force yourself to recruit and don't push yourself to recruit more than you'd like to.

    The best way to find recruits in Garry's Mod is to just play the game. Talk to the players and have fun with them. If it seems like some non-eGO members (also known as pubs) are having a good time, then add them to your steam friends list and ask if they'd like to join. Another thing to keep an eye out for is regulars - if they keep coming back to the server ask them if they'd like to join!

    Note: Sometimes finding people on steam can be difficult. The easiest way to find someone is type status in console, copy their Steam ID (ex: STEAM_0:0:49409426) and paste it into It will come up with a link to their profile and you'll be able to add them there.
    If you see a pub having a good time on the server, try to recruit them. Add them on Steam and strike up a conversation. Some good starters would be: "Hey, how do you like our server?" or "Hey. You've been playing on our server for a while. Do you like it so far?" You could ask any number of questions about the server. I’ve found that starting with simple ice breakers instead of immediately trying to get them to join works far more often than a direct approach. Most people don't know what EdgeGamers is, so you could explain it by telling them that we are a multi-gaming community and talk about some of the other games we support. Mention our events, TeamSpeak, forums, and all the cool people they'll meet.

    Players who may not talk a lot can still be good recruits. The only people you should try to avoid recruiting are the people who are constantly breaking rules. We want our recruits to be able to play and stick around for a long time.
    Applying: What are the steps to join EdgeGamers?

    This is the part where you take your recruit through the process to actually become a member. The first step is to linking them to the join site ( This section of the homepage has all the links your new recruit will need to get through the process. Be sure they start with the "Forum Registration" link. Let them go through that process and be sure to answer any questions they may have.

    Note: It's important to let your recruit know that his forum name and Steam name must match exactly. Their name can not have any characters that are not easily typed on a QWERTY keyboard (ex: ™, ©, ®, etc.). If they need a name change after they create their account, they’ll need to make a request in Contact Leadership HERE.
    After your recruit has registered an account, you'll need to get them MAUL verified. On the join page, there is a link for MAUL Registration. This will take them to their "Edit Game IDs" page in MAUL. There, they will need to verify their Source ID by clicking the green, "Sign in through Steam" button. Once they do the Steam login, their Source ID will be verified and then have them click "Save Changes."

    For visual help, here is the Edit My Game IDs page:
    After they are MAUL verified, it's time to have them submit and application. This is the last step on the join page. On the join page, at the bottom, have them click "Source Games." This will take them to a page where they fill in their information. Be sure in the "Recommended by" that they put your name! After they submit it, look over it to make sure they have everything correct and then wait for a PSC member to process it.

    In order for you to properly follow along with your recruit, this is what they see when they click on the application link:

    Once again, make sure their In-Game Name matches their forum name. This is the most important thing they need to know when applying.
    What if my recruit is under 13 years old?

    Getting a recruit under the age of 13 is fairly common and happens more than you think. If your recruit is under 13, then they'll need to submit a COPPA form. Information for COPPA can be found HERE. They’ll need to copy and paste this information onto a separate page to properly view it. They’ll have to get their Parent or Guardian to sign it.

    Retaining: What importance does retaining recruits have?

    Retention is the most important step of the recruitment process. If you don't try to retain your recruit, then they may have a hard time fitting in eGO and become inactive. This is all about getting them to stick around and have the same fun experience that we all have.

    With retention, we are able to maintain a constant flow of recruits and new members who will eventually start to recruit, which will keep the cycle going. This process allows us to keep a steady amount of people coming in and expand the community. This expansion allows us to get more admins, more servers and, most importantly, more dedicated members.

    Some ways to get your recruits active are:
    • Get your members into TeamSpeak with us. It always adds the fun of just hanging out outside of game and being able to talk about whatever and joke around.
    • Whenever you go to our Events, invite your new recruit to play with us and enjoy the fun.
    • Create a bond with your recruit. This way, if they ever have a question, they're not afraid to open up to you and ask.
    • Converse with them over Steam occasionally to let them know you enjoy having them here and talk with them.
    • Try to get them on the forums so they can be noticed by other members and leadership!
    • Most importantly, try to make EGO the same fun environment that we joined into that made us want to stick around.
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    Q: My rank isn't showing up in the servers?
    A: If your tags have disappeared, it's because you have been marked as inactive by MAUL. This is fixed very easily by simply logging into the forums at least once every seven days.

    Q: How do I admin the servers?
    A: The Garry's Mod servers use the ULX admin system and an RDM manager on TTT. The commands and menus are easy to learn and use. If you'd like to learn how to admin our server, request admin training here.

    Q: I have a map or other addon I would like added to the server, what should I do?
    A: We are always looking for ways to improve our servers. If you have a map or other addon you'd like to see added make a post in the Suggestions forum here. Be sure to post a link to your addon(s)!

    Q: Why is my game covered in purple and black squares?
    A: Don't worry, nothing is wrong with your game. A lot of maps in Garry's Mod use Counter Strike: Source textures. Installing and mounting Counter Strike: Source will fix 99% of these issues. Some maps will use textures from other Valve games, such as HL2:DM but you will rarely encounter these.

    Q: How do I get promoted?
    A: Getting promoted happens by just being around! Being active in the servers and coming to events is a great way to meet people and get noticed. Join TeamSpeak to meet the leadership. Keep a positive attitude and follow EGO rules. Forum activity always helps!

    Q: How do I notify admins that there is a problem on the server?
    A: If there are admins on the server, you can send a private message to them by putting a '@' symbol before typing your message in chat. Be sure to explain what the issue is and who is causing it.

    Q: What do I do if there are no admins on the server and a problem arises?
    A: Always look in TeamSpeak! There's a very good chance that an admin is in TeamSpeak either playing in a different server, or even a different game. Don't be afraid to come in to TeamSpeak and ask for help. You can find our TeamSpeak info here! You can also PM any admins you have added on steam and ask them to come on the server to help. If you cannot contact any admins, try to get screenshots or a recording of what happened, get a link to the person's Steam profile, and use the Ban Request section here.

    Q: How do I become an Admin Trainer or Event Coordinator?
    A: Speak with the manager in charge of the team you are interested in joining over steam, the forums, or on TeamSpeak. There may be additional requirements for the team, so be sure to ask!

    If you have any other questions not listed here about Garry's Mod ask any member of GMod Leadership.

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