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    Default Recruiting Guide 3.0

    Welcome to the MC Recruiting Guide!

    As recruiters our goal is to recruit pubs from eGO servers and help them to become full fledged and well-informed members of the community. While the MC Recruiters are not the same thing as the PSC, we do work hand in hand with the great people that make up the PSC division. We get the recruits the sign up and post their applications and the PSC reviews their applications for approval.

    Our job as recruiters doesn't end when a person is signed up on the forums and their application is processed. We are also here to ensure that the members we have recruited enjoy their time here at EdgeGamers. We should keep in contact with the people we have brought into the clan and show them the basic ropes of what EdgeGamers has to offer.

    This guide will contain tips and useful information for you to utilize when you are out recruiting. Recruiting is something that the clan as a whole should be doing. It is not restricted to the people who are on a recruiting team.

    What is recruiting?
    Recruiting is the act of getting public players on eGO servers to join our community. It also entails the process of ensuring that these recruits have a pleasant and fun experience in their time with eGO.

    What are some tips and guidelines for recruiting?
    1. Recruiting is a task that requires lots of communication.
    2. Only recruit in EdgeGamers servers. Recruiting anywhere else is frowned upon.
    3. Make sure you have the proper links to the information any player would need on hand. (The neccessary links for recruiting can be found below.)
    4. Ask the player for their age. If they are under 13 they must fill out a COPPA form. (Link below.)
    5. Stay well informed with up-to-date EdgeGamers news. (Example: Tournaments, events, etc.)
    6. Let the player know about our TeamSpeak. (Link below.)
    7. Don't overdo it! Recruit at a pace you find comfortable.
    8. If a player is known to break rules, do not put your effort into recruiting them.

    How do I Recruit?
    1. Take a look at the player list. Check for pubs that you recognize and have seen on the server constantly, as these players most likely have an interest in the server already.
    2. Start talking to the player in game. Get to know them a bit. If they are known offenders or they don't seem like quality recruits, it's best to move on. Ask them things like...
    • Hey, how are you liking the server?
    • Need help with anything?
    • Ever think about joining eGO?

    3. Tell them about EdgeGamers. Boast about how we have thousands of members, daily events, and presence in over ten games.
    4. Let them know what an e's job —to have fun and be a part of the community— is all about.

    The Recruiting Process

    Step #1 Registration

    • Once the possible recruit has expressed interest in joining, give them the link to the forums ( ) and have them create a profile. Please be sure that they understand that creating a forum account doesn't mean they've formally joined eGO until they've submitted their application.

      Once they are on the Join page, have them click on the “Forum Registration” button.
      . On the next page they will need to put in their birthday, the username they wish to have, and email. Once the account is set up, they can go back to the Join page and proceed to the next step.

    Step #2 Verify with Maul

    • Have the recruit click on the MAUL Registration where they will be taken to the MAUL sign in page. They will need to sign in with their username and password.

    • Once they've been redirected to the Maul Edit Game IDs page, have them type in their Minecraft username (not their email) then click the Convert to Game ID button.

    • Have them click the blue Save Changes button. Once their UUID is converted, the recruit will need to log onto the Minecraft server within 30 minutes in order to completely verify. If the recruit has done this successfully, they should see a green check mark next to their UUID. Once they are completely Maul verified, they're ready to move on to filling out the actual application.

    Note: The text fields on the application will be disabled until this step is completed.

    Step #3 Application

    • Lastly, the recruit will need to go back to the Join page and click on the last button Your Application They then will be taken to DAPS where they can complete the application process by filling out the Minecraft application. Since they've verified with Maul already, their UUID should automatically be filled out for them. Make sure to let them know that if they have any questions about their application you are standing by to answer them.

    • Once the application has been accepted by a PSC member, have the new member re-log in game. Once they return, they should have their shiny new =(e)= tag. Be sure to make them feel welcome and offer to answer any questions they may have about the server.

    • If the recruit is under 13, they will need to get their parents to print out, sign, and either mail, or scan and fax (or email) the signed agreement.

      COPPA form:

      Mail/Fax/Email addresses to send the COPPA form:

    Step #4 Retention

    • Once they have been approved, you should also try to get them into the TeamSpeak server if they have a mic. You can provide them with the link to get TeamSpeak and our server info. Minecraft players seem to have a low retention rate. By getting to know them and welcoming them into the community the chance they stick around increases dramatically.

      TeamSpeak page:

    Parts of this guide borrowed from Russo's old guide.
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