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    Lightbulb GTA V Event Central 🔫

    Welcome to GTAV Server Events page. We are looking for ECs and helpers. For more information on how to apply
    , click here.

    Events start at 3pm EST and 9pm EST unless told otherwise.

    ��You HAVE to be in Teamspeak in our events room in order to participate in our GTAV events! ��

    General Rules:

    All EGO server rules apply.
    Listen to Event Coordinator's carefully for directions.
    If you are frozen, listen to see what's up, do not unfreeze yourself.
    No Tackling or Tasing each other during events unless directed by Event Coordinator.
    In order to participate in events you MUST be in Teamspeak.
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    Hey guys and gals!

    We are looking for active members to join our EC team to host weekly events. Since specific powers are granted to ECs, we have to limit it to O's and above. HOWEVER, if you are an e or eG who would like to help with events and eventually would like to become an EC, send in an application as well. Please fill out the application if you are interested.

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