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    Cool I killed PewDiePie (PUBG)

    So a few days ago I was playing PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, and I managed to reach the peak of my life, when I killed Pewdiepie.
    I immediatly recognized his name, tuned into his live-stream and caught a picture of it.

    I proudly share this picture of him looking not so happy, with proof of my deed.
    Warning: His name is not exactly eGO appropriate.

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    life goals achieved
    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    if jail gets #1 i will kiss @RyzeUp

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    Nice!! lol

    *DEAD* [LMS New Blood] =(eGO)= TheUnderDog : Crackers, wanna like ya know....NOT kill me everytime you see me
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Boe Jangles View Post
    Crackers - you know you are my favvvs

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    HAHA nice dude! I got up to 1,976 in squads and almost got 2k, I been in a game with Dr.Disrespect and shroud but never got a change to fight them. If i had i would retired lol
    I do Have PUBG but tilted me with all the hackers in the game but am really good at the game. user name in PUBG stats -

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    I've killed Whiteboy7thSt on Call of Duty before, but pewdiepie man, that's a whole new level

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    *Initiates Vader Voice*

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