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    Default Savage Speed Society Presents... The Cannonball Run.

    Savage Speed Society
    The Cannonball Run
    Port to Paleto

    April 1st thru May 31st

    Warning: large image. 30MB

    1. Best time at the end wins.
    2. Vapid (Stock GTA) cars only.
    3. Your vehicle must realistically be able to complete the run. Part of the course goes through the mountains.
    4. To be an official run, must be timed by Speed Society Staff.
    5. Must adhere to the course.
    6. Course will not be closed, racers compete at their own risk.
    7. You may practice the course before making an official run.
    8. You may practice at any time, but timed runs can only be done 04/01 thru 05/31.
    9. You can make as many official runs as you'd like, permitting staff availability.
    10. Bikes will be timed separately.
    11. You may only submit or complete an official run once per day.
    12. Video submissions are allowed. However, if you are caught submitting cheated footage, you will be disqualified from this event and possibly future events.

    Prizes - Car Times
    1st Place: Vehicle
    2nd Place: $25,000
    3rd Place: $15,000

    Prizes - Bike Times
    1st Place: Vehicle
    2nd Place: $25,000
    3rd Place: $15,000

    Official Staff
    Adam Savage
    Clark Austinson
    Mark Grid
    Dixen Cider
    Winter Night
    Dakota Rodgers
    Johnathan Cox
    Larry Jiggins
    Jacob Madison

    Staff can be contacted through the official discord app.
    Staff can also be contacted through Twitter or by visiting Savage Speed Society.

    Click here to become a member.
    (In the #role-adder channel, click the Checkered Flag!)

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    I've updated with a list of prizes.

    You can practice at any time, even now, but timed, official runs must take place between April 1 and May 31st.
    Obviously, you run this course at your own risk.

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    I've made an amendment to the event.

    Your vehicle should be appropriate for the course. Part of the course runs through the mountains on Cassidy Trail. Low slung sports cars will fail this section. We will have another round of this event soon that will feature an all tarmac course. Some of us have already make runs in cars, they will be negated as we used sports cars. Those of us who have done so, will run again in a more appropriate vehicle.

    In addition to that, we will be categorizing motorcycles separately. They are just too fast and nimble to be considered in the same class as the cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatusying View Post
    2 months yikes
    Two months gives SSS staff and racers plenty of time to get a timed run in, without having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

    Yikes indeed.

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    that sounds pretty sick.

    my wsad skills aren't up to par as apparently i'm still learning to park without people flipping me off.

    after this is done, will there be any videos on peoples official submissions? i want to see how good people drive, especially under timed pressure.
    Talent is worthless unless exercised.

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    I've updated the list of rules.

    You can submit video entries, but any attempt to cheat will disqualify you.
    We are also now only accepting one entry per person per day, so SSS staff aren't just sitting here all night reviewing submissions or timing people.

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    Due to lack of interest, this event has been cancelled.

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    RIP, I would have done it if it wasn't 2 months long tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da1 View Post
    RIP, I would have done it if it wasn't 2 months long tbh.
    It was only two months long to give people enough time to practice and submit entries and so SSS staff aren't just sitting in peoples cars nonstop.

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