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    Lightbulb My Server Suggestions

    I'm really lazy but I've got some hours in squad and pretty close with admins on one of the servers. A few things that seem to help.

    Seeding map: Recommend Sumari AAS V3, map is small and works with less then full numbers on ther server. May consider seeding rules, No Vehicles besides Logis, no attacking enemy Fobs, and generally just fighting over Mosque. Until a desirable number of players on each team.

    The Server that I have played on for all maps has a No rush rule, stating you can not rush the first and sometimes second points for AAS and PAAS maps. This seems to instill a more competitive fight instead of one side rushing the point and the map is over in 10 mins.

    Teamkilling in Squad can be a severe problem, may consider punishments and rules for such, to prevent retailiation and intentional tks. (if someone is stuck they can type "respawn" into a console, you don't have to kill them.)

    The game is Squad and may have to remind people to join a squad or create one, not to be by themselves.

    Squad lead having the squad lead kit. I can not express the number of times a squad lead intentionally would make a squad just to get a specfic role like marksmen. The game punishes for not having the squad lead role, by increasing the number of people needed to drop a rally and FOB and preventing general building at a FOB.

    Similar to Battlefield, need to keep a watch on people trying to spawn camp a main base.

    This is a very useful tool for using Mortars in squad.

    Would also recommend making a permanent thread continuing links to squad discord. They like getting bug reports and other helpful information. Also a link to the website for people to learn about the game.

    May consider a thread listing current known bugs as this is an alpha game. Like LAT rounds not always registering hits with the current patch.

    If I think of anything else and this thread is still open I will add to it.
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