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    Talking [Forum Game] The person below me

    • Guess something about the person below you (who will post after you)
    • The person will then state whether it is True or False (along with a comment, if desired), & guess something about the next person
    • And so on & so forth

    Person A:
    The person below me likes to daydream.
    Person B:
    The person below me has no brothers or sisters
    Person C:
    False, I have 2 sisters
    The person below me is 40+ years old
    & so on.
    As usual, eGO Forum Rules & Policies apply.

    I'll start us off:-

    The person below me likes spicy food.

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    True! I love bacon... (insert human shoving tons of bacon in their mouth)

    The person below me likes anime lol

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    True. I like anime even though I rarely watch any.

    The person below me has 3+ years in steam account.

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    True! I have 4 years on steam.

    The person below me was part of another community before comming here.

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    True! I was in for over two years

    The person below me lives in the United States.

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    False: I live in Texas. The best country in the world! (well... ok. fine. it's True... sorta)

    The Person Below Me: Has never skydived

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    The person below me has never left their country.

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    True. Eight Years.
    The person below me likes ducks.

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