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Thread: Above & Below

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    A: I would join the Blue Öyster Cult's playing the cow bell.

    Q:Whats the dumbest thing a teacher said to you?

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    A: I would be hired by 21 pilots. They are my favorite band and are exotic. They use many strange instruments and since I don't know any instruments Ill use the triangle or whatever it's called. Easy and I love em so yeah.

    Q: What did you eat for breakfast today?
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    A: I had a waffle with straberries, syrup and whipped creme.

    Q: what is the dumbest thing you heard anyone say? (And dont say cacti are trees. Night holds that spot already lol. "For now on. Every cactus that you seee is a spiky tree" - Night 2018)

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    A: someone asking a stupid question in English class (Not going to say what it was)

    Q: what is your favorite Sport?
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    A: Dodgeball

    Q: Why do you think the chicken crossed the road?

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    A: So that it's eggs wouldn't get scrambled at Denny's.

    Q: What is the most un-bear-able pun you've ever made and/or heard?

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    A: That one, or Mcg's pun thread lol... ok in all seriousness, probably any yoda joke ive heard. they piss my gf off a lot XD. "MMMMMMM.... FUNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYY JOKE!!!!" Reference:

    Q: Will Mcg be the one to steal this response like he did on a few other posts I made?
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    A: No, mcg is perma banned from the forums, tooo many posts. :D

    Q: Have you watched mission impossible fallout, if so what do you think of it.

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    A: Yes, i did watch Mission Impossible Fallout, it was good but could be better.

    Q: If you had a free trip to a country where would you go?

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    A: New Zealand. Just seems like such an awesome place to visit.

    Q: If you could be a professional in any sport, which would it be?

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