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    I wasn't exactly sure on where to put this, but I figured right here may be a good spot. If it's not feel free to comment where this thread should go, and you can go ahead and close the thread. But I know that there's quite a few people in EGO that stream on twitch, and I feel like there should be a board where we can all post the links to our twitch. Obviously this wont be for us to post everytime we go live, rather just a one time post with the link that way other members of EGO can go follow those streamers, and therefore get notified via twitch whenever they go live.
    Like I said this is just an idea, that I've been wondering the last week since I started streaming again. I know that if you link your twitch, people can see it on your profile, but I don't know about anybody else but I don't feel like going through every ego members profile in order to see if they stream on twitch or not.

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    We sort of have that going, in a sense. Check out here:

    Itís also a thing on discord that will say in the stream room when you go live.

    I wouldnít be against a small section or sub section where people can make their own threads. Itís not a bad idea in the age of everyone streaming now

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    Thanks for linking that. How do you get included in the discord thing? Cause I'm pretty sure it's a locked channel, so you can't post when you go live, it has to be the bot posting it.

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    To have your stream added post in the #helpdesk channel. Probably ping @Don since he seems to run the discord there and he can take care of it.

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    I never stream but if I do... nothing happens.

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