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    Lightbulb Let's talk Kai'Sa

    On paper, Kai'Sa is a very interesting champion. She deals tons of magic damage, while scaling with AP, AD, and attack speed. Are you going to be playing her, and if so, in what lane? What is your itemization going to look like?

    Seems like she'll be some sort of hybrid; Guinsoo's will be great for her.

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    She seems like a really interesting champion and I love that they actually brought Kassadin's daughter to life as a champion. Since they meant for her to play as an adc, I'm hoping that's what people will stick to but I can definitely see people taking her jungle as well.

    What supports do you think she'll do well with?

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    Hm, I'm thinking maybe Thresh? His cc is great and his lantern can help her escape after casting her ult.

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    Doubt I would be playing her since I suck at the adc role. Draven mid and Lucian mid keeps me entertained enough already

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    Played her alot on PBE. she is very weak IMO. her damage isnt strong early, and her range really makes her struggle in the bot-lane. Honestly, i can see her being more of a jungler than an ADC, as long as you have gank assist in lanes since she has no cc. Her damage is pretty strong if she gets fed though. then again, all champs do.

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