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Thread: Ranked?

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    I'm just a shitty ARAM player with 5k Games, and MMR of that similar to Masters for it. i need help.

    Feel free to add my tho. IGN: Fistacles

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    im gold 4 but prolly will be deranking soon bcuz im bad

    Jack The Turkey - NA

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    Perma banned for being toxic. Happened like a year ago, was very toxic and racist, I don't like my past behaviour. The highest rank I have ever been is silver 5 even though I could have been gold 3 or something if I really tried a bit and wasn't a toxic person.

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    Why did this thread get necro'd?

    He doesn't even check the forums anymore.
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    I think im gold 2 main master yi and katarina but i quit league cus i got new games that i play instead.

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