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    Default Server Reimbursements

    Server Reimbursement Policies:
    1. Vehicles - All players must insure their vehicles after purchasing them from the vehicle shop. GTA Leadership is not responsible for vehicles lost during a restart/glitch or if your vehicle is deleted or vehicles lost in any other manner that were not insured. If you happen to buy a vehicle prior to a server restart within minutes of it restarting, try to warn the person restarting you need to insure or send a message in help on Discord (must be immediately after a server restart)
    2. Properties - If you "vacate" a property (accident or not), we are not responsible for any property that was left inside of it. We also do not offer refunds for rentals or purchased properties. Once you purchase or rent a property, the purchase is final and we will not refund you (accident or not).
    3. Other Bugs - If you lose property due to a newly found bug, you may be reimbursed. However, if you repeat the bug without being told to by a dev or LE member, we will no longer reimburse you.
    4. General Carelessness - If it is determined that you have lost property due to a general lack of carelessness (like a misclick), you will more than likely not be reimbursed.
    5. Amount Limit - GTA Leadership will not reimburse any amounts over $500,000. So if you request a reimbursement of $1,000,000 the max you will be able to get back is $500,000. There may be extremely rare cases where we will reimburse a full amount over $500,000 but it is at the full discretion of the Leadership team.

    ***These policies are subject to change at any time***

    If you lose property (and it follows standards with the policies above), then you may reply to this thread with following template. After you submit the post, we will reach out to you as soon as possible. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

    HTML Code:
    In Game Name:
    Discord Name (if applicable):
    Property Lost:
    Value of Property Lost:
    How Property Was Lost:
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    In Game Name: Ted Bundy

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95429519

    Discord Name (if applicable): AdminPlus#7430

    Property Lost: none / just $$.

    Value of Property Lost: 30-40k $$

    How Property Was Lost: I came to LS customs with my bike (not motorcycle) to see if I was able to upgrade anything. While doing so, I end up being stuck in the menu and it was purchasing mods automatically and I was still losing money for it. I couldn't even move my bike or anything so my intentions was to force-log and when I came back the money was actually gone. I was around 664k and I dropped all the way to 624k. The menu was glitched and was automatically buying upgrades. Please check logs and check for money spent on my account. This happened around 6:28pm EST 1/21/2020 . I lost so much money to a stupid bug. I am not stupid enough to spend around 30-40k on bike upgrades when there is nothing you can even buy besides the upgrades which are 1k and like 5 options which are 1k $$.

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