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    Just got around to watching Kaguya-sama Love is War as recommended by @Architect of Life and have greatly enjoyed the show. Overall I've never really seen a concept such as "Don't tell each other you love them, make the other person say it first" which I thought was an interesting take on the typical main character being a ditz and not knowing that the female character is in love with them. Great show overall, highly recommend it.

    Finally got around to watching My Hero Academia, while I do think it is a pretty DECENT show. I wouldn't consider it a classic already, compared to Hunter x Hunter (which I would consider the best shounen) this show is not the greatest. Overall I think it's a pretty average show that has decent animation, it definitely deserves to be up there with some good shows but not the greats, not yet.

    No Game No Life is the first Isekai anime that I've watched and I also greatly enjoyed this show, it was a blast to watch how Sora and Shiro would outsmart their opponents. I really wish this show would have a second season but considering it's been 5 years since the last season I highly doubt there will be a second. Overall for my first Isekai anime I thought the show was great, and highly recommend it to anyone who's never seen an Isekai before.

    I keep forgetting how many animes I've watched recently but I have also watched Seven Deadly Sins pretty recently. I'm really enjoying that show, (waiting on new season to be over so I can binge it on netflix.) The badassness of Escanor in the second season when he gets in the fight with Estarossa is just absolutely beautiful. Escanor is easily one of my favorite anime characters of all time, along with that the story of King and Diane being fleshed out in the second season I also thought was quite beautiful. The second season of the show I definitely enjoyed way more then the first even though I thought the first season was still solid. (Season 2 with 4 episodes doesn't count as a season by itself so I'm including it with Season 3.)
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    @Divine If you liked No Game No Life you should try watching the movie that was released sometime last year, "No Game No Life: Zero". It doesn't really focus on the main story or Shiro and Sora but it gives some more back story of how the world they now live in came to be. Watched it with @heidi and @Darling, was overall pretty enjoyable to watch
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    @Damon I'll definitely give it a shot, thanks for the recommendation!
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    Watching Overlord 3 which is really nice so far.

    About to start Fate Grand Order Babylonia,I played it on the mobile game and it's pretty well written out in terms of the other stories besides Camelot which is getting a sweet movie adaptation.

    I'm coming back to watching Fire Force as it seems more episodes have arrived.

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    Nice to see some new faces to the thread!!
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    No Game No Life will most likely never see a second season for the same reason Log Horizon won't see a third. There is a huge negative stigma associated with those series now and studios don't want to be associated with it. No Game No Life was charged with (and the author admitted to) plagiarism. Log Horizon's author was committing tax fraud from the royalties associated with his works and served jail time. Log Horizon's author spent years trying to find a new publisher for the light novel, and Madhouse dropped the second season of No Game No Life because of the association. Usually in the West we shrug issues like that off, but in these Japanese business world, those issues have a lot more weight.

    As for me, finally finished Shuumatsu no Izetta (I think I posted I was watching that a couple of pages back. It was alright. Nothing to write home about. Maybe I'll get a review up for it if I find the time. Anywho, now it's on to the next one on the list: Mouretsu Pirates

    It sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to it.
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    I watched Psychic School Wars this morning. I was fooled by cool visuals! Honestly some of the best art and animation I have ever seen. The story is too disjointed to redeem it though. Quite the production value though. Definitely a skip though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Cory in the House and Airplane Instruction Videos from the 80s.
    Just finished Cory in the House!
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    @Simon it's like you totally ignored the review I made on that movie! But it looks like we had a similar takeaway. It had some nice visuals, but at the end of the day it was lacking it pretty much all the other areas.

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