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    .... does Pokemon count?

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    I know it isnt that good but im currently watching Boruto, story is slow but progress is being made

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chidori View Post
    I know it isnt that good but im currently watching Naruto, story is slow but progress is being made
    I fixed your spelling issue. There was no sequel to Naruto or Shippuden, so no worries....

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    I finished watching The Devil is a Part-Timer, Youjo Senki and Death Parade.

    The Devil is a Part-Timer was very funny and an enjoyable watch.

    Youjo Senji was very action packed, and it had its funny moments too. With me finishing that I have now finished all of the anime in Isekai Quartet, great anime this season.

    Death Parade became one of my favorite anime I have ever watched. The overall story was great, and all of the sub plots of each episode were also amazing. 10/10 for me.

    I just started A Certain Magical Index, that will keep me busy for a while.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is still on hold, and I don't see myself continuing it for quite a while.
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    Ark, that's probably going to take longer than you think. If you do really enjoy it, it's not only 3 seasons of Index, but 3 seasons of Railgun as well. And to top it off, the Accelerator spinoff is starting up soon. Not sure if those were included in your calculation or not haha.

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    Waiting for this finale of Jojo Part 5
    Love the animation

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    Just finished catching up to Black Clover (I binge watched it in 3-4 days), overall it is a great anime that I'm really enjoying. All of the characters in the show are progressing well other then the main protagonists brain. So far really enjoying it, no complaints from my end. Glad they're bringing all of the characters together. Nothing to complain about.

    9/10 from me.

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