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    I have one. Remember seeing it randomly at a Best Buy on discounted sale. I was able to finally see how the entire show ended with that. Voice acting really isn't that bad in this eng dub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA View Post
    Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but I wouldn't really let age determine if you're "too old" to watch anime or not. There are plenty of series aimed at a more mature market and/or some that might understand better if you watch it when you are older as opposed to younger. You may enjoy a series like Cowboy Beop, Black Lagoon, Monster, or the film Akira for example.
    I loved the soundtracks in Samurai Champloo (back when I had a room mate who was watching that)

    But yeah sorry, I checked out your suggestions and I don't feel attracted by the pilot episodes.

    I'm waiting for a good moment to watch Akira
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    @r_cu has a problem, because of @Divine and I

    Also currently, I'm just watching everything i can! I got a lot more free time since school just ended so...

    lots of anime time
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    Girlfriend and I started Konosuba. What a hoot. Onto Season 2 now

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    Yeah Konosuba is a lot of fun. You better make sure she's caught up on Digimon before February. Looks like the movie in 2020 is officially titled: Last Evolution Kizuna. Kizuna means "bond" or "connection" so I'm expecting a hit in the feels from this one. It's supposed to be, for now, the final animated anything related to Digimon Adventure. Of course, if they like money, they'll probably figure something out.

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    2 weeks in, I'm gonna say it.

    This season's awesome.

    I'm particularly fond of:
    -Kimetsu no Yaiba & Fruits Basket (leftovers)
    -Fire Force
    -Dr. Stone
    -Lord El Melloi spin-off
    -Vinland Saga
    -Joshikousei no Mudazukai

    That being said, there are many other great shows too. Kanata no Astra, Dumbbell Nankiro Moteru, Katsute Kami datta Kemono-tachi e, etc.

    As someone who enjoyed the side story more, I actually found episode 1 of DanMachi 2 to be an absolute banger. Looking forward to it.

    Also found some time on the side to start watch Shirobako. Absolutely loving it so far.
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    This season I'm giving the following a shot:

    - given
    - Astra: Lost in Space
    - Granbelm

    I tried Dr.Stone but don't enjoy the writing or characters, unfortunately

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    One punch man is funny but sometimes I just hate how young japanese people talk. I prefer when it's old japanese talking with a deep voice
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    Well we loved Konosuba. I'm excited for the upcoming movie too.

    Currently watching Beck, and I think we are going to start the Quintessential Quintuplets too.

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    @Simon If you like the Quintessential Quintuplets you'll probably enjoy Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai as well. Kind of a similar feel. Beck has also been on my plan to watch list for years now. Let me know how it is!

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