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    That's good to hear I'll prob watch it after I finish the manga

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    im currently watching Fire Force. caught up to the most recent episode. can't wait for the next one.

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    Binged White Album 2 this weekend.

    Well, the reviews and reactions were not wrong. This is actually an incredibly enjoyable romance story. The characters actually develop relationships, they have genuinely built up feelings. Their problems are very real. I went in with no expectations but it turned out great.

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    White Album 2 is great. I will also say I am mad at the main character for what happens in the end. (Trying to avoid spoilers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snipeye View Post
    White Album 2 is great. I will also say I am mad at the main character for what happens in the end. (Trying to avoid spoilers)
    It’s a fascinating series because no one wins in the end, really. I thought the characters were super real and all had tons of flaws which made it really good. Awesome music too.

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    Just started up Yuri Kuma Arashi and I'm 2 episodes in. Not really sure what I'm watching just yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying it. Will leave some comments when I get around to finishing it.

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    Watched Scum's Wish which was a kind of bizarre experience at times, yet poked at some deeper feelings at times. What an odd one.


    Finished up Hellsing Ultimate. Moving on to Chihayafuru is up. A lot of my friends love it so, time to see what the hype is about.
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    I actually really enjoyed Scum's Wish. I thought it handled some of the "darker sides" of emotions very well. It had characters that were pretty unlikable, but you can tell they were written in a way to be unlikable. I also really enjoyed some of the direction choices, such as the paneling of certain scenes that almost gave a manga-like feel to it to emphasize some heavier scenes.

    Chihayafuru is another great show. I feel like it's one that flew under the radar for years, and only recently started getting some well earned attention. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    I just started watching this quaint little animu called Dragon Ball Z. So far I've watched the main character die and then train harder than ever even in his afterlife and then get resurrected to fight a vicious villain known as freezer. I think the anime does a fantastic job of capturing human resilience and adaptability. Even though Goky isn't a human, he was drawn to look like the spitting image of a human so the artist really wanted us to make that connection. I think the artists main goal was to say "a human can achieve anything through hard work, determination, and infinite wishes". Overall 7/8 its 100% pretty good.

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