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    ^ Magneto
    < Woke up from my power nap. Prepping to get at the gym.
    v You're walking on the street and kicked a bottle laying on the ground for the fun of it then a genie came out and got upset on the way he was wakened and granted you only one wish instead of three what would you wish for?

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    ^Wish for more wishes, and with those wishes I would wish for a really big piece of land. On this piece of land would be a whole city and made and fitted for little people. Then I would go into this little city and cause terror as their new tall god emperor.

    < Ate a grilled chicken sandwich because apparently being healthy is a thing.

    V Okay so it is the apocalypse, but that's not important. You somehow get trapped into a room that seems escapable if you had 12ish hours to try, but there happens to be a blind man in this room with you trying to murder you. You can not reason with this guy but you can try to avoid him, so long story short would you beat up a confused unreasonable blind guy if need be?
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    "A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse"

    "No one cares, no one sympathizes. You just stay home and play synthesizers."

    All my haters burnt up
    My dragon and me turnt up
    Makin' barbecue
    They said my dreams of having a dragon would not come true
    But now they all on fire and I'm just saying "Nana-nana boo-boo"

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    ^ I would turn said blind guy into Helen Keller while busting out his kneecaps, using his own cane against him. Then I would spend the 12ish hours trying to escape, only to find that things were not as they seemed and that the room was indeed inescapable. After a few days of listening to the man whimper in pain, I would become hungry enough to kill him and start feasting on his corpse and bodily fluids. Eventually the body would turn rancid and infested, and ultimately become inedible. I would then suffer from hunger and thirst for a few days before finally using his murder weapon and/or cane to off myself. Moments later, a fellow apocalypse survivor would find my room. He would push the door open and enter the room to bear witness to the havoc within. Meanwhile, the door would shut behind him. Shaking his head at the senseless waste of life, he would turn around and take note of a sign on the door that said "Push to Open". He would push the door and find that it wouldn't budge, and thus the cycle would begin anew.

    <Ate a cookie. But it was a Complete Cookie, so it let me pretend that I was eating something healthy.

    V They say that human life is the most valuable thing that exists. Let's say that a mean and nasty stranger is dying on the other side of the world, and you know with absolute certainty that you can save his life simply by walking down the middle of a busy city street at noon, without a stitch of clothing on, while singing "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" from the South Park movie through a bullhorn at full volume. The question is: would you send flowers to the stranger's funeral, or do you think a condolence card would be enough?

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    ^ I would send a flowers with a card, but only if i got free shipping.

    < Contemplating the meaning of life after the question i just answered.

    v T-Shirts, Sleeveless Shirts, or Long sleeve shirts

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    ^ Sleeveless

    < Using the bathroom before showering and going to work

    V If money was no object, where would you go and do on a dream vacation?

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    ^ I'd road trip the US. I'd go to all 50 states and probably find something to do in each one.

    < Wondering why I've adopted a 9PM to 5AM sleep pattern

    v If you could ruin a date with your crush that would inevitably make her hate you forever, would you rather ruin it and have her hate you during a dinner date just before the waiter gives you your food, or ruin it and have her hate you after you find a good spot at a drive-in theater? Why?

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    ^ before food, today way it can at least be less awkward by just asking to have the check, wrap the food and go. I also have never been to a drive in theater.

    < debating if I should roll out of bed and get a run in our just lay here for an hour.

    v when/if you work out, do you prefer cardio or weights?
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    You are also a butthead but the cutest girl as well
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    Of course you're the best girl, you're the cutest, afterall~.
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    Good thing you're cute.
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    Considering you are the most adorable member in eGO, I would expect you to understand the kawaii-ness. :o
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    Can I change my name to Nunnally and then complain that I never see who kills me?
    Nonsense. If you're going to be someone who complains, you're going to be renamed Rolo.

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    ^ Usually cardio, but mostly anything that will help me loose weight.

    < Played 4+ hours in Garrys Mod Stranded with Big_A_0501.

    V What is the one game you have always wanted to play but couldnt? And why.

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    ^ I've been wanting to play CS:GO, but I can't because I have no money and I'd probably be really bad. Yes, everyone starts off bad, but it would be constant for me. I'd just be bad at it for as long as I had it.
    <Still processing the fact that I've been promoted even though it was about 3 hours ago
    v If the whole world we lived in was like 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs' what giant food would you want? It'd be the size of a school bus, but the thing is: You would have to eat ALL of it.

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    ^ A pizza of course.
    < Contemplating the meaning of life without school-bus sized pizza.
    v If you hat to pick just one game to play forevermore, and only one game-mode within that game, what would it be and why?

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